Multiplayer is HERE!!! | Chess 2 Dev Log Part 3

The online multiplayer update is finally here! Thank you for your patience while I worked on this.


The online multiplayer version of Chess 2 is available for $1 on as well as a benefit on Patreon for ALL tiers. (Links below)

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  1. You’re the best! It would take so much work to make this! And btw your humor is amazing!

  2. What’s the timing? I just rewatched the first Video!

  3. Been following you along the epic journey of Chess 2. Thanks for making the perfection that is Oats Jenkins' Chess 2 a reality! :3

  4. Great Video
    I'm just impressed by the qualtity of these Videos. Even though you only have 3k subs, it's better than many Videos of bigger Youtubers.
    Also the game is looking really great, pls keep going ;D
    I also have a few Ideas for the game:
    – players can decide their time limit
    – planning in the future (while the other players turn already "move" the pieces to play faster)
    – accounts and leaderboards/ranking system
    I know it might be too much for the skale of this game, but it would defenitly be cool

  5. Can you please try to make it on mobile😊

  6. so glad i found your channel these videos are great

  7. When I try to run the game my computer says the file is unrecognized and my computer is at risk. Should I still run it?

  8. Please make it a mobile game,
    And make it ad supported

  9. You are the best

    Btw a goose would make this game 150% better

  10. wait how can I download the game with paying? Do I have to pay? I tried to downloaded but… it says I have to pay… can please someone help me?

  11. just gonna point out, in oat's chess 2 video he said that the board was gonna be blue, I get your land theme, but somehow make it blue please?

  12. hey i have a suggestion, when the fish promotes to a queen fish make him into a gyardos lmao i think it’l look cool

  13. it is super cool, can you pls make it for mobile?

  14. Its looks soo good! Too bad it doesn't let me open it on mac..

  15. What a legend You could just have made a Client hosting server, but got through all this process to give us the best playing quality ! Thanks !

  16. Love the game, I’ll probably download it when I get back home, but was that a game grump’s reference with jellybingus and jellybongus??? Lol XD

  17. Should try adding ai when you can!! feel like a lot more people would buy if they're bored and wanna learn the game

  18. Suggestion: Points,
    Add a point system for capturing pieces (besides king and queen) and allow these points to give you power ups in game.
    The main power up is extra time, but another one can be queen recovery, troop immunity (used on one piece, for one turn), or even extra banana
    Of course, the main drawback is risk, and being too aggressive can lead you to destroy all the troops too fast. This introduces the concept of violence only when it is required (which was already in normal chess, but was less obvious for simplicity)

  19. I can sense you will become much more popular like hundreds of thousands to a million, I man your content is so good, high quality and you but so much effort into it. Clean editing, clean product, good games too. And hopefully be full time and have it as a sustainable job

  20. Hope you make it huge bro, video quality is great and engaging! Keep it up bro

  21. Glad I ran into this on new years day! Something new to learn this new year for sure! Happy new years to everyone 🙏 👍

  22. idea: map/piece skins! this could change the look of the board, the pieces, and maybe the hats, separately. There could be a board and skin called ‘beta’ or ‘original’ or something else where it changes the look of everything to how it was in the original concept video. (maybe make them a bit better because they look really bad) Another idea I have is to just make everything 2D. I think that would be pretty nice.

  23. I believe a 2D version would be good for mobile.

  24. i don't know if i'm the only one with this problem, but i can't open chess 2 on mac, it just says can't open after downloading.
    anyone with the same problem or does anyone know how to solve it?

  25. Please make it on App Store🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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