Multiplayer is HERE!!! | Chess 2 Dev Log Part 3

The online multiplayer update is finally here! Thank you for your patience while I worked on this.


The online multiplayer version of Chess 2 is available for $1 on as well as a benefit on Patreon for ALL tiers. (Links below)

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  1. You should add the ability to choose the continent, so that the game doesn't have 385738 ping.

  2. Love these videos! Im commenting to help this video be pushed in the algoritim

  3. I'm shook by your skill, your charisma and by your hard work! Your project and channel are growing and I wish it does in future too😊

  4. Please I beg you make it on App Store and google play

  5. This is a great series, maybe the next update could be an elo system to keep it in the chess region

  6. In the black piecies the King and Queen are swapped

  7. Can you add the feature that i can host server and my friend can join?

  8. Absolutely love your videos . Theyre so cool, funny, and even helping me devolpe my first game. Thank you!❤️

  9. Can you make a website for this game? Id love it.

  10. You should add Elo to Chess2 and custom game times for the online part

  11. suggestions: a setting that makes it not 3D and a setting to remove the hats and just do that the white team parts are lighter and that the black team parts are darker

  12. Something I thought was funny is that I watched oats chess 2 video yesterday and now I found this and can’t wait to get it

  13. Add something where you can edit the tiles and background in servers or your going against a ai

  14. How do you play it where do you go to play it

  15. Question: Is the Timer toggleable by the person who made the room?

  16. u should make an option to play ranked.
    have both causal and ranked game modes and have some sort of leaderboard
    you could just copy the ELO system that normal chess uses

  17. you should add A profile to show wins and loss’s

  18. Please add phone mode, with vertical on-screen multiplayer

  19. Any chance we can get a Discord group or something going for Chess 2? I just bought the online version but nobody seems to be online to play. Would be nice to have a place to find opponents as well as maybe discuss strategy.

  20. How do you get on the game I want to play it

  21. i dont have much to say that hasn't already been said. this is great!

  22. Couple suggestions. 1. Add AI play to the free version. 2. Mobile version so we can play whenever. Great game I just think these changes need to be made for the longevity of this game

  23. The online multiplayer portion never connected to server for me unforntunately. I don't have anyone to play with at the house so I played myself in a game and enjoyed it. I had no strategy playing myself I just moved pieces at random and if I saw I could capture a piece I did lol. If I can figure how to get connected to server and player others online I will see about starting to stream chess 2 on YouTube and getting good at it

  24. I love the use of pokemon music in the background of your videos

  25. Hey i dowloaded the game, this is my third time. Im not getting the multiplayer to work, there is no lobby to go to even. Can someone help me?

  26. Loved this series, really underrated creator

  27. Add a cuttscene when the game is starting where there is a festival between the two kingdoms and everyone is celebrating and then the king is given gifts and a fruit basket (replace banana with fruit basket, also it makes more sense)
    But then a monkey lights the fire works but the fire works hits the other kingdom and the other kingdom is mad and now they launch fireworks too they then go outside and prepare they're army they go outside with the king commanding. And now the game menu opens.

  28. Hey, really love this project, I think the game would especially flourish on mobile tho 🙂

  29. Pls plsplsplspsl
    Make the elephant be able to not only travel 2 Squares make it so he can travel only 2 or 4

    2. Pls make the monkey able to do 1 more move after taking a piece.
    Like a running move.

  30. You shouldn't lose when both the king and queen are in jail and the king still has a banana. Really my only real complaint. In Oats' video you were still in game while king had banana in jail

  31. Is the multiplayer server down at the moment? I cannot seem to connect.

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