Morphy’s Greatest Queen Sacrifice

In this video, I share one my favorite chess games played between Louis Paulsen and Paul Morphy from 1857.
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Kragero Chess Round 6:

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  1. After Bh3 there is Qd3 giving black nothing. Please cover thid line

  2. We are blessed to live in a world where people like Eric can casually share their passion and knowledge like that

  3. What about that game Kasparov versus Karpov with the octopus knight? I know that it's a mainstream, but I would like to see an analysis of this game from your perspective

  4. Someone call an ambulance but not for Morphy.

  5. requesting Morphy v Schulten. I think its the only time somebody tried the Falkbeer against him

  6. Made a game gift of this to share to my chess club, thank you so much for sharing sidelines and such it really helps with understanding 💖💖

  7. Personally, I prefer watching streams and educational opening videos. I enjoy your videos no matter what they’re about, but if you are asking for opinions on the new series this is mine

  8. Eric, I think a cooler move is bg2+ after the attempted rg1 defense.

  9. Definitely keep this series going, I'm really excited to see what more games you will be showing in the next few videos. Keep up the amazing content Eric!

  10. I think it's right that in those days they didn't have chess clocks. Morphy taking 12 minutes for the big move sounds a lot, but I think Paulsen was terrible for taking hours over some of his moves, and that was partly what gave rise to time controls being brought in. I can't remember my source for any of that! – but I think it's right.

  11. legendary games are the coolest content. learning from tal about crazy sacrifices and absolutely dubious attacks for Marianczello got me to 1200 basically

  12. I'm just curious is there any way you could review like the oldest recorded game of chess or has it been done many times

  13. Did stockfish show the queen sacrifice from that position?

  14. Morphy's Opera game would be great !

  15. Paul Morphy's games never grow old.

  16. When the White Queen moved to A6, couldn''t the Black Queen still take the rook and if the White Queen captures the black rook could move down to mate?

  17. please make more videos about famous chess games

  18. it’s also nice when you let the viewer try and guess the move

  19. I never comment on youtube videos, but I'd like to say that a series of games everyone should know would be great to see!

  20. Murphy vs Le Carpentier 1849 is also worth a look. Love the vids Eric

  21. This is a classic ONMQ game! Thanks for reviewing it!

  22. Qd3 also appears in a well known "grandmaster draw" line in the exchange Ruy: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Bxc6 dxc6 5.O-O Bg4 6.h3 h5 7.c3 Qd3 8.hxg4 hxg4 9.Nxe5 Bd6 10.Nxd3 Bh2+

  23. This is a fantastic series. If I might make a suggestion: I'd love to see you cover Robert Byrne vs Bobby Fischer (1963). After the Game of the Century, this is probably my favourite Fischer game, because the sacrifice is so deep.

  24. Morphy vs Bird in the Philidor Counter-gambit! Sacrifices the Rook for a pawn and then the Queen, although Bird didn't accept

  25. love the chess games that everyone should know! Popular streamers sometimes sway too far to entertainment and not enough instruction. I love your channel for the instruction! AND the quacks 🙂

  26. Eric! I would love to see you make videos on games everyone should know. But keep this in mind. Nobody shows the whole game first. Show the whole game quickly… then get into the analysis and what ifs! I can't be the only one who gets lost at times with… shoulda, woulda, coulda then Agodmator or gothom or whoever it is says. But what was really played in the game was… Or they don't even tell you the structure of moves they're talking about is hypothetical in the first place. Show the whole game first. You'll stand out among everyone else showing classic games.

  27. My only complain is it's less than 2 hours of Eric talking

  28. So basically Tal is Morphy on steroids

  29. More videos like this please! Love your minis lecture on St. Louis Chess Club too!

  30. I’d love to see a ‘classics’ series. Maybe Petrosian, Alekhine, Fischer, or Karpov. Going through and explaining like you have for this game and the zugzwang game. I enjoy ur seeing ur thought process and love that ur not screaming at the top of ur lungs haha

  31. Since Zugzwang is a german and I‘m german I love how English natives pronounce Zugzwang😂

  32. Morphy is a romanatic era sigma he doesn't play cheap tricks like Stafford gambit.

  33. Loved this video! Would love to see more classic games!

  34. And then he sacrifices THE KNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. And then he sacrifices THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Rumor has it Paul Morphy made the move and said, “chat, oh no, my queen” followed by “gah”

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