Mittens (1) vs (3200) | UNBELIEVABLE 🤯

#chess #checkmate #stalemate.’s new bot Mittens has been giving everyone trouble, how will’s maximum engine with cloud computation fare against this beast?
Watch the full video to know which beast is gonna win the game..


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  1. TOP las batallas más esperadas por el mundo, Top 1:

  2. Yo hice esa partida ace dos días pero con engine en blanca y termino en tablas

  3. Mittens is bassicly lvl INF ain disguise as lvl 1

  4. Mittens you are strong but Maximum is very dangerous he could win next time

  5. My chess cheat engine beat the maximum bot. 3200 elo

  6. Lừa chơi chục ván con mèo lỏ đó mới thắng được 😿

  7. When I first started playing chess, I saw that Mitten's elo was one, so I thought it would be a very easy opponent, but I was defeated brutally.

  8. Cmon man this is obviously fake mittens is rated 1 and going up against 3200. At least try to make it seem realistic.

  9. mittens's real chess elo is 3500 or something

  10. Hamesha neche wala jo abb khel rahe hote ho Woh hota ha

  11. I love how the strongest chess bot is a meme cat

  12. I was doing soo good until martin beat me 3 times in an row😭📉📉

  13. wait so i have beaten mittens like ton of times so am i like a genius or smethin?

  14. I was terrified of my skill level until i realized.

  15. And we thought a perfect game could only end in a draw

  16. by looking at this i think they are probably the same elo because when my friend and i matched them up maximum won and here mittens won

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