Mittens (1) vs (3200) | UNBELIEVABLE 🤯

#chess #checkmate #stalemate.’s new bot Mittens has been giving everyone trouble, how will’s maximum engine with cloud computation fare against this beast?
Watch the full video to know which beast is gonna win the game..


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  1. The sound the chess prices make when they move sounds like a spng

  2. I tried putting him up in a fight with stockfish level 8, mittens actually got a draw with one of the highest elo rating bot in chess history, no chess player can do that and so bots, most bots lose to stockfish so mittens actually has alot of potential being at mid stockfish level, if mittens was 4000 elo stockfish would be 2nd most highest elo rating bot as stockfish only has 3700

  3. 1 Isn’t Mittens elo, it’s his rank 😂

  4. This is very strange as i believe that mitten's elo is 1 but still somehow it manages to beat a player of 3200 elo

  5. can someone tell me wats the name of the song that he used


  6. Isme ज़रूर alfa zero कि atma हैं 🤣

  7. Nice backround music: Vivaldi's 4 seasons(winter)

  8. Sis vis pacem, para bellum. OK why are you using John Wick music for this video🤣

  9. Btw hikaru was able to create a draw with mittens so it means hikaru and mittens have a higher rating than 3200

  10. I managed to defeat mittens then, so was it a miracle or my skill? Probably a miracle since i can't beat a 800 elo player because they have a paid subscription and they watched all of the lessons while i can onmy watch 1 video in a week.

  11. even mittens plays a lot better than me, i think im -100

  12. "Its not about the ratings,
    It's about Mittens rank"

    -Wise man

  13. Fun fact: Mittens is a 3500 Engine Bot so that would be more advanced than the maximum 3200 engine bot

  14. Mitten is so easy i beaten him 25 times he is like Martin but better

  15. I'd like to see Mittens vs Mittens match

  16. Even max elo can't defeat cat power

  17. Bro it's sad to know that Martin can lose to a mitten…

  18. Mittens – big joke from the developers…

  19. u guys know that mittens real elo is estimated 3200-3500 above

  20. So I picked up chess around the same time that Mittens was around and hadn't heard about him being a troll. I was super stressed out that I was getting clapped by a 1 elo bot

  21. Maybe you mixed smth up cause mittens had to loose…

  22. Can someone tell me why mittens was added and then later removed?

  23. its not about elo its about how the opponent or you play

  24. 2 chess transcendants fighting against each other…

  25. I think you should do mittens against engine again stockfish agains super plumber and whoever wins for both goes against eachother

  26. It weird because the 3200 engine is not stockfish bcz stockfishs rating is 4000

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