Makruk (Thai Chess) – How to play

Learn how to play Makruk, also known as Thai Chess.

CORRECTION: The Knight’s top two squares in the diagram I drew on the board are incorrect (they are one square too far). It moves just like a knight from chess.

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  1. Hmmmm, you know, having the pawns in the third row, promoting on the opponent's third row, khons moving like silver generals… I wonder if shogi was actually based on makruk.

  2. Played a few games of this and I think it’s fun!

  3. hi Pychess I cannot play makruk on iphone could you pls tell me thanks …

  4. pieces: RookKnightSilver GeneralAdvisorKingPawn

  5. In Thai it’s called MakrukBut normal chess they called makruk sakhon

  6. What are the criteria of adding a new variant to Pychess?

  7. Wonderful! I've been playing this game there days.
    At first glance, this game looks boring and slow but actually, it's dynamic as FIDE chess.

  8. The Horse is confusing, why does it jump two spaces, except forward where it jumps three spaces?

  9. The rules are the same as normal chess, except for these changes…

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