Luckiest Way to WIN in Chess! #shorts

What a Sportsmanship! ❤️

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. One day my opponent forgot to press the clock … It beeped during my move…. Management diclared him winner even thogh he is loosing….

  2. Can anybody tell me who won the game 😢

  3. Chess is the game where age doesn't matter❤

  4. Chess is the game where age doesn't matter❤

  5. Who loss… someone please let me know I didn't understand chess

  6. He lost because he moved Black Chess pieces lol 😂

  7. Wen time is losing, thought process stops and start doing blunders, tats pressure, anxiety, stress🤪

  8. That night he had 7 pegs, slapped himself and threw his phone🥂😅

  9. Luckiest way to win in chess is that your opponent not came and you get a free point 😅😂

  10. You can see the pain in his eyes . Reminds me of myself when I'm in pain i laugh 😂. Always works

  11. ടെൻഷൻ റപിഡ് ചെസ്സ് അല്ലായെങ്കിൽ അയാള് ജയിക്കുമായൊരുന്നു

  12. But why white not moves his king bcoz his king is mated already by black pawn??

  13. When you lose in public always smile to hide your rage this man had it down

  14. Smile after losing, that's a true man right there

  15. He was still winning after blunder of Queen Bf3 e3-e2-e1 simple

  16. Chess is not a game of age
    It is a game of smartness

  17. Broo i think this guy also played with SamaiRaina at umcademys video (🤣🤣

  18. He just smiled even tho he lost,what a great guy

  19. Behind of his laugh there must be a pain 😢

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