VS (comparison)


  1. Oh i didnt know games can know race each other

  2. People playing crucial chess for lifetime

    Me: playing Chess Kingdom

  3. Lichess is good if you don't want subscription that give you unli puzzles

  4. Are you normal to say this? Cheating detection lichess? Hahahahahhabahabahah

  5. Why are people in comment so fcking mad

  6. This is your opinion, not ours. And i respect it

  7. You gave money to developers because you wanted to hear good words from the analysis board how great you destroyed 250 rated bot.
    I gave money to developers to support them and show my respect.

    We are not the same

  8. This comment section shows how shitty chess community is

  9. No shot lichess has a better design 💀


  11. Nothing can be compared to the real chess game – you can touch the pieces, flip the rook…

  12. I just like the sound of pieces in lichess

  13. Are they deleting honest lichess reviews it’s just one bot after the other why are players accepting this

  14. Cheating detection?how can you cheat in chess?😐

  15. Wake up to reality norhing ever goes as plan in this world

  16. the lichess game i just played the player was so slow i just resigned

  17. Bro gave +1 to lichess for the design this is illegal💀

  18. Chess has better detection, as of now at least.

  19. theres something seriously wrong with you

  20. Aren’t they both free?? I guess it’s cuz i use the mobile one?

  21. The only thing that needs a new design is your profile picture

  22. Tbh, lichess is so underrated. It is so better except the design and unable to multi-premove.

  23. Bro gave Design to lichess lmfao💀💀

  24. Lichess is so smooth, feels so much better, and is so underrated

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