VS (comparison)


  1. Lichess just so goofy its giving me 2200 rating thats way to goofy for me ☠️☠️☠️

  2. bro Lichess is absolutely trash, the ratings are boosted, you don't have multiple pre-moves, and the game review doesn't show the mistakes and all the other stuff

  3. tell me ur a lichess user without telling me ur a lichess user:

  4. lichess design is literally dogshit and thats why i dont play there💀

  5. What happens if you switch accounts ater buying diamond membership?

  6. Lichess just neeeds a nice set of pieces, the current ones are all super ugly. And also a better review feature

  7. Nooooooooooooo lichessss is wooooooorsssstttttttttttt

  8. When you gain 800 Elo because you started playing on Lichess, and you want to repay it.

  9. ahahah bro frickin’ communist send him back to asia where he belongs.

  10. the lichess anticheat is really good
    once i played a guy who was cheating using stockfish and after 14 moves because the cheater got banned (his account was brand new) i won the game

  11. Bro made an illegal move by giving lichess the design 💀

  12. The childish cdc fanboy comments are exactly why I play on Lichess. Who wants to associate with obnoxious ten year olds?

  13. The onky thing i like about lichess is free puzzles

  14. Lichess anti cheat is ass and design is not that good, I'm guessing this video was a joke 😂

  15. My Favorite Chess com. I like Chess com

  16. Lichess is helpful and has a better cheat detection is absurd. Go slap ya father for creating such a fool.

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