Learn Playing Chaturanga || Ancient Chess of India in 10 Minutes || चतुरंग खेलना सीखें

chaturanga is the ancient form of international Chess that we play today. it was discovered in india around 500 AD. the pieces are a bit different from today’s chess pieces. many people prefer this game’s name as shatranj but the ancient name is more suitable here.

if you are thinking which chess game was played by four people, then let me tell you that it is today a known as chaturaji. I will also make our video on it for sure revealing its rules.

here are the pieces of chaturanga:

soldiers (today’s pawna with little difference)
chariot (today’s rook)
horse (today’s knight)
elephant (explained in video)
minister (“)

0:00 – intro
0:34 – how the pieces move
5:18 – other rules
6:00 – one of my games
9:44 – shortest possible match of chaturanga


  1. updated:There are 3 ways to win in Chaturanga Chess:1: Checkmate2: Stalemate (for ex: your pawns are block by enemy's piece and your king has no legal way to move, it would be defeat for u)3: take all your enemy pieces, Bare king means defeat, here !

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