Knees, Chest & Chin Pose – Foundations of Yoga

Learn the foundations of Knees, Chest and Chin pose! This pose is wonderful preparatory pose for Chaturanga Dandasana or Four Limbed Staff Pose. This preparatory transition pose takes some of the difficulty and weight out of Chaturanga so you can build strength and protect the shoulders in a mindful way. Through regular practice you will be able to grow and build a graceful, safe and strong Chaturanga Dandasana.
Knees Chest and Chin has many names. It is also known as 8 limbs pose or Ashtanga Namaskar. This posture is great for the back body and spine. It nourishes the neck and spine’s flexibility and strengthens the muscles of the back body. Build your way up- let it evolve and watch it grow!

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  1. It may not be about the arms but my arms don't know that! Lol I really tried but I can't lower myself that way. I just lowered my full body and lift my hips and bum up to try to get the effect. Not there yet. I'll keep at it. Still trying crow too! I feel the tiniest bit of improvement but I'm not there yet w crow either. But I'll keep trying that too! Thank you! Much love!!!

  2. Ahhh – I did it! I fell on my face yesterday in class because I was not ready/familiar with this pose and it threw me for a loop. I just couldn't understand the mechanics of it but a little bit of patience today and I got it! 🙂

  3. Oh, this is one of the hardest poses for me! I'm so glad I found this video – thank you Adriene! You break the pose down so well 🙂 I'm going to have to stick with this one a while and practise slowly as I've a tendency to zoom through to an upward dog during chaturanga – my wrists and body really struggle to lower down gracefully lol

  4. It was good session. I understand more of why I have challenges with going from or to other postures that use the the lower back.

  5. For the first time since I follow this channel, I feel so sad and depressed….
    My arms are not able to lower me down, the muscles disappear as I begin to lower down! Some advice to build arms' strenght?

  6. Great job, Adriene! <3 Can you tell me what kind of lapel mic you have, please? Been doing research. Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Do you have a video focusing on how to strengthen knees and relieve knee pain?

  8. I love this! I can't wait to share it with some of my beginning yoga friends. Thanks!

  9. it just felt kind of awkward having my bum lifted when my chest is lowering….?

  10. Still can't figure out how to get my chest down b4 my chin. Maybe with more strength.

  11. When you say "hip points", did you mean your "sitting bones (aka) pelvis"?

  12. When you say "chest", did you mean your "sternum" which is located between your collarbone?

  13. I will definitely practice this pose over and over again to help me build strength on my arms 😁 Thank you Adriene! Namaste 🙏🏻

  14. 💪💪👍👍👌👏👏😘❤ gracias corazón de amiga mía de youtube vales mucho tu andriane a dios guapa amiga un saludo i un abrazo muy fuerte para ti amiga i un beso

  15. I bet it feels a lil awkward for you but it is so beautiful, and you show us how to laugh with ourselves! Love ya Adriene!

  16. I love your vedios. Your guidance helps a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Upper body is a struggle some days. With my first year well under my belt taking an evening here and there to practice a posture is a nice way to build up strength and confidence. And the kitties find it entertaining to watch as well. Will return to this one again. Thank you so much.

  18. can you explain the difference between 8 points posture and chaturanga? Thanks for the videos!

  19. Hello 👋🙏 Hope you've been well! I've been trying out some yoga studios close to me, and I couldn't believe how many there are; maybe it's just because it's Southern California. But the drives to the studios really makes me appreciate the mountains that I live around (and the hiking I can do there) since I didn't really pay attention to them before. There's something about Yoga and the mountains that's been really evoking something positive and powerful within. I thought I was thinking too much, but when I go to the yoga studios, or interact with friends I haven't seen in a while, they've noticed something different. And the crazy but awesome thing is that when I'm doing the classes, you're usually in my head to keep the feet bright, elbows in, avoid dumping the weight (wherever), and so as much as I appreciate the teachers and learning: whenever I foundations or practice with you I feel like this is my home dojo.

    I once saw a post that talked about how the biggest housing company in the world isn't a hotel, how the biggest school isn't a building or how the biggest rideshare service own no cars; they are AirBnB, Khan Online Academy, and Uber/Lyft respectively. No doubt that the biggest Yoga studio in the world is "Yoga With Adriene." And I hope it continues to grow!

    Thank you for this tutorial! And Happy Lunar New Year 🙂

    P.S. If there is any way I can contribute back to the community, be it through writing daily even, I have your back as you do mine 🙏💜

  20. The fact is, his pose is challenging for many of us and it is not easy to explain it as a yoga teacher, especially if you didn't have any troubles yourself. Great demo, Adriene! Sending the link to some of my students who struggle with Ashtanga Namaskaras. Thank you a lot for this video. Namaste!

  21. Please can you do some longer videos to improve the arm/back strength to do this. Thanks Xxxx

  22. This was so helpful! All chaturanga like poses are primary injury poses for me. Forgive me if you’ve already posted somewhere, but do you have any tips on using straps/blocks etc. to further help strengthen & prep for these types of poses? Between my joint laxity & impaired proprioception, I think I have proper alignment going down, but later in the day my neck & shoulders tell me otherwise =/. Doing them in the mirror doesn’t help the neck situation much either 🤪. Any tips on how I can use my props to progress would be appreciated! 🙏🏼🌻💜

  23. I finally achieved an ease of moving through to cobra. I had no idea about how my hips should be high moving through. magically my cobra felt fabulous!

  24. Dear Adrienne, what can we do if our shoulders are way to weak for this? Is there a "weakling version"? Is it maybe possible to just wiggle into the pose from the ground and try to hold it, or something? I have unstable shoulders because of hypermobility syndrome and i wish to strenghten them. I can hold plank in a good form for a bit, but not move from it in this or other way, down dog (or wannabe down dog) is the limit for me so far 😣

    I am loving this series otherwise 💗

  25. Wow thanks so much for breaking this down. New to yoga, so this is definitely helpful. I will be practicing this daily until I can get the flabby ol' arms to not completely collapse on the way down. Also the cool runnings reference had my laughing out loud 😂

  26. Thanks for breaking this. I've been in yoga class for 3 weeks and every week I land on my face trying this and no one tried to explain it like you did

  27. Allrighty then, did you have a bet with someone on how many film ref. you could get into the vid. thanks great hasta la vista

  28. After about a year of yoga, I finally did this!

  29. this was really helpful, thanks! Feel better already although I realize I have a long way to go yet! 🙂

  30. Finally nailed this! Thank you Adriene. I combined it with some weighted shoulder exercises and now I finally don’t crash into the floor when doing this!

    Next challenge: chaturanga!

  31. I cant find ANY way of bending my arms and getting down to my chest , and even if I could, I can’t get my chest onto the floor without my chin hitting first ! What am I doing wrong ?

  32. oh la la! now I need to check your yoga for the wrists…

  33. Hi! Thanks, again!! One question. I learned that in chaturanga, you need to bring your tailbone under (don't know if this sentence makes sense, but hey, I'm trying. 🙂 ) You don't have to engage your belly muscles here? Help!!

  34. This was probably the hardest pose I've tried. How do you get your chest down before the chin? Also complete lack of tricep strength for me! lol. I guess I'll keep trying!

  35. This was a great video! A great way for me to build strength instead of just doing the second part of a push up when a routine calls for chaturanga. You should incorporate this into a future YWA video release for YouTube.

  36. short videos today 🙂 this is the 3rd one

  37. I love this pose, it’s so beautiful. I prefer it to chaturanga.

  38. Perfect for me to be there for that Sweet Bootylicious and Beautiful love that Round and Sweet Looking Derriere Wow 🤤😍

  39. Cool runnings and peace be the journey back at you ! Thank you , great pose , love the fun vibes ! 🤙🙏

  40. How the hell?! Totally struggled with this 😅

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