Imperial Army vs Chess Army battle using Fairy Stockfish

Imperial Army vs Chess Army battle using Fairy Stockfish. This is the ultimate fight for chess. Have fun!!
Fairy Chess Battle. God save the king. Witness the greatest battle between pawn army vs princess and Knook.
#stockfish You can download Fairy Stockfish from this website- It is created by Fabian Fitcher. He is the god of Fairy Chess. Here I should mention another legend, Couch Tomato. He designed all this unique pieces. They deserve some respect. For more credits, please email me at [email protected] . You will get a reply with in 7 days.
If you any new piece idea then email me. If you designed a new piece then you can email me that with out any hesitation. God save the king.


  1. What's the song playing in the background?

  2. 2:42 Bro just sacrificed his bishop for nothing 💀💀💀
    Anyway it ended on draw by repetition 💀💀💀

  3. Did anybody notice that the eagle moved like the move was hand made at 2:15 ?

  4. i have an idea for a chess piece. the mage. it moves like a king but captures like a queen. in the direction. when it moves, it can only move like a king, but when it does so, the piece in the direction of that moving that isnt a king is captured, simulating a ranged attack. it checks exactly like a queen, so in endgames with only 1 king for the opponent, mages are just queens but a bit worse. what do you think about it?

    edit: made a mistake in the writing

  5. can you do a piece that moves anywhere on the board but captures like a king

  6. Prediction:
    Eagle is worth 4.75
    Duke is worth 4.75
    Cardinal is worth 5.25.
    King is worth 3.
    Soldier is worth 0.75.
    Estimated army value = 44.25.
    Estimated stock army value = 43.

    Winner: unknown. Slightly favors imperial.

  7. That… shouldn't be a repetition loss… should have used the king and soldier.

  8. i have idea for piece “the siege canon” these peices occupy 2 spaces, This piece moves sideways or straight but can only attack fowards. this cant move side ways if there is any piece in the 4 squares but CAN take your/enemy peices going straight. When it reaches the end instead of going foward it will start going backwards

    ORRR the catapult this peice will go instead of the knight i invented the catapult. This piece i am proud of. This moves like a king and CANNOT take any enemy pieces. The twist with this one is that you can move any peice into it say a rook. when the rook moves ON the catapult it takes up a turn obviously. But next turn you have the option to “Launch it” moving the rook 2 spaces ahead infront of the catapult on the same turn the catapult itself cant move if you decide to do that. When launching it, it will take or move the piece up there one rule : you cannot launch the king into check

  9. I don’t think Stockfish knows how to play these characters yet

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