If I Can’t Play PERFECTLY, The Video Ends

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  1. I liked the reference to the ballistic missile variant of the tennison gambit

  2. that thank you fish make me think of family guys lol

  3. Why everytime u lose you say “what the fuc

  4. Each piece (including pawns, if reasonable) cannot be moved after it takes an opponent's piece (including pawns, if reasonable)

  5. Yey, I was right. 0iq chess player if you can attack king, you have to attack.

  6. Theoretically check, king d7, Qb5 check, king c8, queen captures f5 check, queen d7?

  7. Chess, but your pieces can only capture pieces on the same coloured square they started the game on (rightmost rook can only capture on white squares, etc).

  8. Chess but if your opponent makes a best move, the game ends

  9. stock fish is a big enjoyer of canceling castling yeah?

  10. Imagine ending the video because you made a brilliant move

  11. You must rotate board by 90° clockwise (counter clockwise) each time any piece or pawn land on light (dark) square.

  12. I love the challenges that involve evaluating the moves, because the quack used for Stockfish makes me laugh way more than it should.

  13. For those wondering Bishop e2 was thr best move to prepare to castle which would be a lot harder after Queen g5

  14. If your opponent made their moves over than 10s, you are disqualified.

  15. chess but you have to take every pieces that you can

  16. the worst challenge; worst blunder every even, brilliant move every odd.

  17. 5:17 this is very predictable: in all the analysis the engine tells you to do that tempo move, but i still think that Qf3 was still better

  18. Jesus loves you alot trust in His death 4 salvation and be saved from eternal hell <3 Jesus died on the cross for you bro. <3

  19. I'm curious what stock fish thought was the best move there

  20. Missing an opportunity to transpose into the Bongcloud with 6. Ke2, smh

  21. You must let your opponent promote two pawns before the game ends.

  22. Awh yeah the classic Tennison Gabit: ICBM variation

  23. fools mate technically perfect game for both sides since all moves are book

  24. I'm don't know very many plays, such as the "Tenison Gambit" and the… you get it. But when I heard the "intercontinental ballistic missile variation" my mind Immediately thought, /is that real or is he just referencing the joke video?/

  25. Yea stockfish almost ALWAYS wants you to trade queens

  26. Idk, seems hard, ”best and excellent” is better lol

  27. Wait why didn't you play bishop b5 at 1:49? Isn't that an instant win or am I missing something?

  28. 1:33 actually you can chose your opponent in open challenges

  29. Everyone knows an indian 900 is a 1000 and an American 1000 is a 900

  30. "Playing with Americans so much makes me miss the Indians." Is this a Native American/Indigenous Peoples Genocide joke? On a chess video?!?

  31. stockfish is weird sometimes. it literally recommended me to kamikaze my queen for a knight. i needed that queen. and every time i took a free pawn using the queen, stockfish was very angry i didn't kamikaze for the knight that was still sitting the back rank and not even moving.

  32. I kinda figured the best move be something involving a check to the other opponant king just not that …

  33. As someone who plays a lot of vienna games stockfish fucking loves Qe2. 90% of the time it doesn't even make sense and only leads to a very small advantage for white after a dozen or so moves

  34. when I heard he was going for ibm gambit I was so happy lol

  35. Chess, but every move you have to use a different piece than the one you moved

  36. This video felt very short for some reason.

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