I Played The Oldest Form Of Chess

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Chess goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Intro – 0:00
Game 1 – 0:17
Game 2 – 6:12

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  1. To people who don’t know what the weird Queen is it just advisor it is a bad piece

  2. you had mate in one in the first game ill show you here is a chess puzzle : 5:32

  3. I guess you aacpted my challange, which I did in your latest short.

  4. Bro really played Chinese chess variation at the start

  5. I would like to see Magnus play with these. Would be very interesting.
    And also great vid as always champ I'm gonna sub.

  6. 5:32
    I think that Cannon or Rook to c2 then other Rook to a1 was mate

  7. I always liked older version of chess so nice seeing it still being played

  8. Pls pls chessnuke you taught me how to play chess PLS ANSWER MY COMMENT PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ TY

  9. This alpha stage of chess looks bad, glad they updated it

  10. Love your videos from India 🇮🇳, also, Chaturanga is an Indian game, the original form of chess. The name represents the (back then) four branches of the Indian military. We also have a different variant that uses boats, and we use elephants because bishops are EXTREMELY rare in India, and there probably weren’t any back 1,500 years ago.

    Edit: the queen is a Minister.

  11. Is it 15,000 years before if it’s that I’ll be really impressed that will be really really cool and that’s what I’m gonna talk about the coolest

  12. So Nuke actually the story revolves around the attack elephants that have destroyed and swormed armies easily . Russians told their kids about these wars and battles and said that every elephant can run but can't jump. So the kids thought that they could even slide, so when chess got around the Russian empire kids saw an elephant in the game and a bishop. They called them the exact same names , and got absolutely astounisht (idk how to write this word) so they thought , why would there be four elephants instead of two like the other pieces and removed one set of them and created a degraded version of the chess game as we know today. We changed some of the rules In Europe and added some . I am gonna post it here and in the comment section if you miss it and if everybody wants to hear it:)

  13. कौटिल्य षडयंत्र (Channel Shadyantra) says:

    Oldest form of chess is not open to public. It is limited to few people in india.. It is called Dhyut in Mahabharat and Shadyantra since 2300 yrs…

  14. you going “one two, one two” in an L shape when counting the elephants moves instead of just counting two squares diagonally infuriated me

  15. In
    Arabic we call bishops elephants so it's not only in Russian

  16. well actually thse are remodeled pieces the elephant is an alfil which moves (knight unblockableness) second square away from it the "queen" is a ferz which moves one square diagnoally and the thing in the corner thats a remodeled rook

  17. I am really surprised because in Arabic, we call the bishop (elephant) and the rook (castle) and the pawns (soldiers) and the knights (horses) we be similar to russains my boii

  18. If you wanna play the Oldest form, it is called Chaturanga.

  19. Pieces like:

  20. If he doesn’t say “bro” for a week he’ll probably be more famous

  21. The elefant from the first game can jump over peices like a knight

  22. The “bishop” is actually a advisor and is very weak
    Edit:oh yeah and theirs 2 of them one moves like a pawn but only one square forward and the other is diagonal

  23. yes in Russian bishop call «слон» (elephant)(i’m Russian)

  24. ★SuᴘᴇʀMᴀxWιʟᴅCʀᴀғт★ says:

    In Russia we call figures like this:
    Bishop – Elephant [slon]
    Knight – Horse [kon']
    Rook – Rook [lad'ya]
    Queen – [ferz']
    King – King [korol']
    Pawn – Pawn [peshka]

  25. The thing that your pawn promotes to is 0.5 points and it’s called a mister

  26. In China we call bishops as elephants, knights as horses, and rooks as cars.

  27. I'll tell you what we call the pieces in india knight=horse bishop=camel rook=elephant queen=minister

  28. russians do call bishops elephants (slonovi) we call them (lovci) which means hunters

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