I feel like a beginner at this game – HORDE CHESS

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In this video, I play some Horde Chess… 36 pawns versus the normal setup of chess pieces. Which side would you prefer?

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  1. Wasn’t the Russian revolution something like that??

  2. Eric, with literally no pieces left: "I lost?"

  3. I always seem to see white losing these. I think the issue is our intuition of capturing towards the center is a mistake in this variant, since Black's goal is to get behind the pawns and white cannot support the a/h as files easily as the other files, as they are stuck on the edge of the board. I think capturing towards the flanks is the way to go.

  4. If you want to learn polish it's good to start with swear words. Kurwa is the most universal world in this language

  5. Its like, one is playing checkers and the other chess

  6. Eric should try anti chess , so many crazy traps !

  7. I must not be watching Eric Rosen, because this guy was not at all in any joy of connect 8 and a central pawn cube.

  8. Idk if you'll read this but posting videos from the clips channel onto tiktok is a good idea.

  9. First game you could have attacked the bishop and rook to make a queen.

  10. Me 2. I love your chess input I.M. Eric

  11. Horse is the best! Glad to see you playing it! RAR approved!

  12. I hate it when I forget to learn Polish

  13. WOW. King left wiNZ as pawns zilch. Seems like chess should be like this sometimes. Especially when stalemated.

  14. 17:30 he could have captured the knight because if the rook took on h3 then he wins the queen

  15. 6:38 60-100 is the normal heart rate. Butt in the ICU, 50-150 as long as they're not passed out or distressed.

  16. if it is whites move and the pawns are blocked it is a stalemate

  17. Horde theory is literally just take whenever possible and stop the opponent from getting on the back rank lmao… Harder then it looks!

  18. jenderalsoedirman dong hahaha. is that human opponent?

  19. A normal heartrate is 60-80 at rest for your age. Yours, a doctor with inappropriate tachycardia, which basically means I have a condition where my heart rate sometimes decides to beat at 170 at rest for no reason. A stressful chess game tends to send me into 140s lol. If yours was only 89, you're good. 😂

  20. It's so funny when youtubers are saying words in Polish. I know that they're hard pronounce for them, beacouse I live in Poland

  21. Is is just me or the thumbnail looked as though it was Ronnie O'Sullivan

  22. Eric losing to the winner of the tournament by actually one pawn: "I feel like a beginner"

  23. "I feel like a beginner at this game"

    is rated over 2000

  24. Is anyone else playing chess, and every time I loose a piece I go "oh no, my queen"😂😂😂, sometimes in Eric's voice

  25. The tumbnail is basically a soviet charge

  26. LOL. White is not a "hoarder". White is a horde, which means a big group of attacking people!

  27. Imagine Agadmator reviewing these games. 😂

  28. Something Nice = Cos Milego, it just translated Something Nice

  29. I Got my pawns like barracudas and my knight yea those are my shooters…

  30. Btw when you asked Alexa to say something nice in Polish she literally said "something nice"

  31. Love your vids Eric – QUESTION? Moving into the end game, if you have a choice to swap off Bishops (all 4 still on the board), is it better to end up with 'like' or 'opposite' colored bishops?

  32. Your next line is: Is this a jojo's reference? says:

    0.69 seconds, nice

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