I feel like a beginner at this game – HORDE CHESS

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In this video, I play some Horde Chess… 36 pawns versus the normal setup of chess pieces. Which side would you prefer?

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  1. I guess most important thing is making sure tower/queen pieces of black don't enter the last rang, not sure why you allowed that so easily.

  2. I will pay anyone 100 dollars to send me a (not staged) vid of them promoting with black

  3. Agadmator: So white decides to start pushing 3 dozen pawns. Ok, so what is de idea here? Well…

  4. When Eric told Alexa to say something nice in Polish my Alexa responded with

    “You’re so strong The Rock calls you The Paper”

  5. Please don't play Horde it is not a good varient if you want to play so increase the time

  6. Man, Eric is spending a minute just thinking about a very simple and non-important move where 8 better moves are possible. Then he has no time left and loses on time. That's the worst time management I've seen in any game.

  7. I'm pretty sure it's called "Horde chess" because horde is the collective noun for zombies, who traditionally horde together in large groups like the pawns in the game.

    Not because anybody is "hoarding" pawns in their closet or something 😉

  8. This is insane…. Guess I'm gonna try this myself 😀

  9. Wow…so some things in chess do make Eric's heart racing. He is so calm in all time scrambles in normal chess!

  10. Genuinely can't tell if Rosen is really chill or really depressed

  11. Hey Eric. I have recently started watching your content, and I love it so far. 🙂 Btw is the reason you like horde chess that it has basically almost the biggest pawn cube possible in chess?

  12. first game ended with time at .69

  13. It’s like watching a horde of zombies slowly advancing devore everything in their path 😆

  14. This was such a mindfrick for me after watching so any chess tutorials. It was nice to see your thought process in a different environment though! 10/10

  15. Okey after watching Sinamon vs mindhunter horde matches, this horde video is coming… Basic?

  16. The number of pawn cubes in this video is satisfying

  17. he really activated my alexa at volume 8 just to say "something nice in polish"

  18. Why not push the pawns on the back rank earlier to keep it tight

  19. This is just bad because he is blundering his time for no reason then doing crazy stuffs because he is low on time

  20. 3:57 – I'm not sure that you could get them to cooperate. Plus it sounds like it'd bee one of the more painful variants.

  21. 17:50 here instead of f4??, could have played fxg6 attacking Black's queen, and after Qxg6 or Rxg6 h4

  22. dont pretend that you dont know how pawn moves …when you look at 2021? its clear its not first time you play horde 🙂

  23. The trick is nit to build strong center… Coz it already is but is to strength the a b and g h profiles, that's what I think 🤔

  24. horde is bad because the white automatically has a lead in central space

  25. "oh no my pawns" you're too much, gm rosen

  26. I only played 8 horde games and never won with white, and I got the general idea with black, trading minor pieces for two pawns, punishing undefended pawns and creating a breakthrough the backrank by sacrificing if necessary.

    I think this variant is incredibly unbalanced but I guess it can be actually a good ways of training pawn structure and possibly pawns vs pieces endgames.

    Also HordingHoldor is actually a top 10 horde player so yeah he is kinda strong.

  27. me when Eric's first opponent plays a5: Do you know En Passant?

  28. i just played a game with the computer at horde chess and it resigned!!! 😀

  29. There should be a chess mode where you can sacrifice even king, like Winner is the player who captures all pieces from the oponent.

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