How to Win at Duck Chess | ft. @AnnaCramling

In this video, I have an educkational Duck Chess collaboration with Anna Quackling.
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  1. 33:42 isn’t there intermezzo Bxc6Dd7?? King has to move, so you’re trading the bishop instead of losing it

  2. it’s really cool how well duck chess has been going for you / in general, but seriously you guys are so chill i love y’all’s synergy in these collabs.

  3. Feels like knights are 5 pointers and rook and bishop 3 pointers because they are long range liner attackers blockable by the duck. Queen is probably still 9 pointer tho

  4. This game was made for you Eric Rosen 😊 Quack 🦆

  5. I’ll just double fianchetto my two bishops….

    *sips tea*

  6. how is this beautiful brilliant woman unable to ride a bike or drive a car lol how does that even happen

  7. Anna is so fun to watch. I don't know how she's not more popular.

  8. 9:57 I saw the sam idea, but I refuted in on time. How come I'm not a better player then Anna

  9. I would call it the "Rosen Gambit" or "Oh no my pawn gambit"

  10. I don't know how to code but I have this variant I call "Chess X" that I play over the board with my brother. As far as I know just me and my brother play it. (SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS LOL)

    How to play "Chess X" : (Setting up board)

    1. Take away the bishops and rooks from the board.

    2. Scoot the knights next to the king and queen.

    3. Switch queen and king on respective side. (KING on COLOR)

    4. Take the pawns that are usually in front of the rooks and put them next to the knights. (You should have pawns surrounding all of your valuable peices.)

    Peice move rules : (TP = Teleport)
    1. King (Normal)

    2. Queen (Normal)

    3. Knights (Normal move set, BUT they can jump through the wall and go to the other side… FOR EXAMPLE: if black knight is on square B6 it could attack H5 or H7. Another example of knight movement could be A3 to G2 or H1.) ANOTHER RULE FOR KNIGHTS! you CAN NOT "Teleport" or travel through the wall to the other side twice in a row with the same knight. Example if black knight moves A3 to G2… then white plays any given move… you can't move the same knight back out of the way through the wall to A1. Although you can move it as a regular knight… if it has traveled through the wall its last move, a legal move would be like A1 to C2. (THINK OF IT LIKE THE KNIGHT NEEDS TO CHARGE UP TO TELEPORT.) (KNIGHT can only TP once per two moves of respective peice.) If one knight TP's through the wall, when it is your turn again, you could legally TP with your other knight but not with the same peice.) LAST RULE… KNIGHT can only TP through sides of board and not top and bottom. (Hopefully you understand)

    4. Pawn (pawns in starting positions move regularly. Can move two spaces on first move like regular. En peasant is still possible. Once pawns get to 6th rank you can start to move pawns forward diagonally aswell without having to kill. Pawns can promote as usual. You can promote pawns to Knights, Queens, or even the BISHOPS AND ROOKS that you took off the board in setting up the board.)


    (You can add or subtract any house rules!🙂)

    (Edit: rules)

  11. Duck Master isn't a thing. It's Duck Lord, quackly

  12. Nice thing about this game is you can easily play it over the board with like anything that fits on a chess sqaure

  13. she’s the cutest chess player and eric is the sweetest monster 😂😂😂 “thats what happens!” he could be the world’s kindest assassin 😂😂

  14. It quacks me up how Eric finds all these quacktics quite quackly.

  15. I always play the ducktales opening as white and the darkwing duck defense as black. However when Im black and my opponent plays the ducktales opening , I go for the quack gambit.

  16. What do you think about these points value?
    p 1, B 2, R 3, N 4, Q 4

  17. At [15:42] why can white’s queen not take the rook and keep the duck where it is? Is it a rule that the duck must move?

  18. Duck Zugzwang is one of the coolest concepts I've seen. Love the quacktics!

  19. This was so fun and wholesome to watch. I enjoyed this a lot. Please more duck chess. (:

  20. Variants are awesome. I'd like to see a four player and duck chess tourney.

  21. 9:50 the fact that I thought to myself, “Hmm, what if she’s thinking of taking the pawn with the bishop, adding another attacker, only to blunder her bishop?” and then her ACTUALLY doing that blows my mind. Chess is hard, and Duck Chess is even harder, man.

  22. When Anna plays chess with the duck chess embodiment of John Green’s voice. 🙌🏻

  23. There's separate ratings for duck bullet, blitz and rapid but not for chess960 bullet/blitz/rapid? What is this shi

  24. Still waiting for someone to make quackfish or perhaps stockduck

  25. I think duck chess is so interesting because it could be played in person with just one extra placeholder piece

  26. That's how I am in regular chess. Realizing my mistakes after the fact.

  27. You were saying that it's a new variant, however I thought that turkey has a variant of chess called "Ox" that has been around awhile?

  28. Anna Cramling? Nah more like Anna Crumbling

  29. does nc4 when eric castles into the queen attack at 13:33 work? attacking the queen and moving the duck out of the line between the king and queen putting eric into check

  30. oh no Eric's rook.

    At 11:53, could Anna have captured the rook with the queen then placed the duck on b7.

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