How To Save Your Favorite Chess Games With Library

Join NM Sam Copeland as he guides you through’s Library feature which allows you to save your favorite chess games in collections! You can also create collections with other users, browse public collections, share collections to social media, and so much more!

We hope you find Library to be the perfect tool to save, organize, and share your favorite chess games. To dive in visit

To maximize the number of chess games you can store in your library visit

Video Contents:
00:00 Intro
00:33 How To Create A Collection
03:25 How To Search And Navigate Collections
04:47 Community Collections
07:04 Outro

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  1. Can't wait for Charlie to save that xqc game

  2. Nice! Should be a powerful tool that will be used a lot. I have a desktop folder with saved PGNs but having a feature on site will make it way easier to study/find games!

  3. Charlies 6 moves doesnt need to be archived, it is a moment in the history books

  4. They Finally caught up to Lichess "Study" Feature.

  5. Omg this is what I needed like 1 month ago I played a game I think could be my best, but now it's gone forever πŸ™

  6. FINALLY I needed this feature since I started out

  7. nice feature. It'd be nice if sort order persisted, though, instead of needing to be resorted every time. I hate default sorting too, where the last game you uploaded is the first in the list. It might be nice to be able to point explorer to a specific library (either a public one, or one of your private ones) but it's a nice start.

  8. Nice feature! Will there be support for annotating and downloading as a single pgn in the future? I stream the best chess games on my channel 24/7 (I’m live now) with games I generate from PGNs

  9. Unique mustache color, or booger remnants? You decide…

  10. I decided to actually watch the tutorial and go through the steps at the same time. The upside to this is that I leaned how the Library feature works. The downside is that I can't complain that I don't how the new feature works.

  11. Wow finally I could abandon windows, I only use it for chessbase.

  12. Man how I wish this resource was available when I was growing up but it is fantastic that exists now – Kudos to all involved.

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