How to Play Xiangqi 象棋 (Chinese Chess) – in One Minute! –

Got a minute? Learn to play the most-played board game in history! Chinese chess, xiangqi 象棋. Strangely familiar, yet fascinatingly different. Learn more at and play for free at


  1. This has been my favorite chess variation since I discovered it in Peter Arnold's book when I was 14. Love this video!

  2. Still my one and only channel that I can find all the rules to Chinese board games I force my friends to play 😈😂 love the channel hope u keep making vids

  3. very happy you started uploading again! This channel is a goldmine!

  4. I wanted to know where to find a set for commander chess (vietnamese chess) as I cant seem to find any anywhere on the internet and the links on your website don’t lead anywhere. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  5. Very good Quality video! Do you have any plans to upload new videos in the future? I wish to see a newer review of Shogi or Janggi or Makruk…etc

  6. hello, why don't you have a video about tamerlane chess on your channel? Because the Mongolian emperor is a medieval chess created by lame tamerlane himself and he is famous, I see that you have an informative video about almost all the old chess types in your blood, but you do not have any videos of this chess while tamerlane chess is so famous in Asia

  7. Where can I buy those western xiangqi pieces like in this video ?

  8. Where to buy this board from (with western pieces?)

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