How to play Traveler Chess

Learn the rules to the card game Traveler Chess quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Chess rules, check out this video:

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The rules are the same as regular chess, except for these changes. Pick one of the 32-card board styles and lay them out on the table in an 8×8 grid representing the dark squares. The empty spaces represent the lighter squares. Each player takes 1 of the 4 chess color decks to use and sets up their pieces as normal. Players then play on these spaces like they would on a normal board. The first player to checkmate their opponent, wins.


  1. Uhhh, this is literally just a chess set that fits in your pocket.

  2. This is just chess with extra setup

  3. "Pick 1 of 32 card/board styles.."

  4. This is literally normal chess but takes time to set up

  5. I have some sort of other portable chess

  6. I thought when u get on a black space u turn it upside down and see what is under there like instant death or move 5 spaces like u want.

  7. idk, magnetic/ sailors chess/ both combined are more practical i think

  8. Whats the point of this? Its the same as chess but worse??

  9. The only good use I find on this is that you don’t have to carry a whole board but instead you carry cards. Pocket chess edition!!!

  10. This just sounds like chess with extra steps

  11. This sounds less like its own game and more like a way of playing an existing game.

  12. "The rules are the same as regular chess, except for these changes."
    Turn it into a card game

  13. I feel like you could have really memed on us a bit by literally just saying "The rules are the same as regular chess. For a refresher, check this video." Could be one of your shortest video tutorials ever

  14. Some people suggest magnetic sets, but these are practically unusable because it's extremely hard to pick a piece up, and the effort will usually dislodge a nearby piece if there is one. Placing it accurately in its new place has a similar problem.
    Pegged sets don't have this problem. But the ones I've seen that are touted as travel sets (rather than as sets for the blind) are extremely small, and it's eye-strainingly hard to tell the pieces apart other than by feeling them. Particularly the pawns and bishops.
    Better still, don't try to play chess at all while you're on the move. Trying to concentrate on the game will just give you headaches. Instead, pack a decent hardwearing chess set, relax while you're on the move, then get the set out once you're settled at your destination.

  15. Regular chess but cards. And a light breeze can ruin your entire game.

  16. How to play: lay out the board and play normally.

  17. Ew, looks extremely bad, from a prsctical point of view: i'm already imagining trying to move a chess piece and picking the square underneat too

  18. How to play Traveler Chess

    Play Traveler Chess bruh

  19. My mom had a travel chess set. It was just like a normal chess set, but smaller, magnetic, and the board folded into a carrying case with a handle. I dare say that set was a far more practical travel chess than this flat surface dependent variant.

  20. Traveler Chess is called your smartphone.

  21. Alternate title: How to Setup Traveler Chess

  22. Online chess is technically pocket chess

  23. the only change I can see is that the bord is compack and can play everywhere you like

  24. this sounds cool on paper, but it will be very hard to actually play

  25. or just, you know, play on your fricking phone. This seems anoying to set up, anoying to move peices, anying to quickly take down if need be, and you need a flast surface.

  26. Its just chess, but made out of cards

  27. This is literally the opposite of what i would want in order to play chess while traveling goodness.

  28. I want to buy it but It is not giving delivery in india

  29. Time traveler chess:
    How to play press "read more" to play the video

    Time traveler chess, also called pocket chess and normally cool chess how to play. The rules are the sane as regular chess except for these changes: your table is the board and your pieces look like water and fire. The 1st to checkmate there king wins

  30. Traveler Chess has already existed for decades in a MUCH better format: a raised board that folds in half and snaps shut, forming a storage crevice for the pieces. The length of a standard hardback book, with all the pieces (appropriately scaled down) being magnitized at the bottom (so they stick to the board no matter how unstable or shakey the surface may be.

    No offense to you, I love your channel; this format of Traveler Chess is just not good at all.

  31. This is the worst chess for travelling I have ever seen

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