How to play Shogi(将棋) -Lesson#1- Introduction

1st video of my lesson series. I explain the initial set-up and the names of the pieces.

If you want to try a SHOGI game online, go play at !!


  1. The noice of placing the pieces are so oddly satisfying

  2. I am here because of the mini-games in the Yakuza series has Shogi, and I have no idea what to do. So thank you very much for these videos, I will enjoy studying them.

  3. and do you have to slap the piece that hard on the board?

  4. I was watching March comes in like a Lion and I was just too confused/curious, so I thought that I’d better learn how to play.(Shikamaru also got me interested)

  5. Welp

    An Ilyx video got me here

    Now I may need a set of shogi

  6. So do you have to slap the pieces down each time, or is that a personal choice?

  7. i turn my headphones up to hear your voice better and then you put a piece down like WHAP and then anoth-WHAP but i don't want to turn the volume down just in case you say som-WHAP oh god it's so lou- WHAP aaaah WHAP

  8. Here in 2020! Thanks for these videos – I'm hoping to learn how to play 🙂

  9. I really wish he had a better mic because I'd love to hear him better!

  10. 12 years later and it's still the best shogi lessons there are on this site 😀

  11. God I love the sound when you slam the shogi piece on the floor

  12. Hi!
    i was looking for some information about shogi, because of some animes referred to it as "japanese chess", and some other shows kind of adored it too. so i got kind of curious.

    So, Thank You! For the informations of the differences and origination, and other interesting facts!!!

  13. I came here because of Bakemonogatari light novel.

  14. I can't beat the Shogi minigame to 100% Yakusa Kiwami, this is not the Rabbithole i was expecting sink into today

    But the only good thing this yhear left us is free time

  15. i came here cause on seeing shikamaru and shikadai playing shogi with many strategies seemed to be intresting

  16. Last row: shouldiers
    First row: knights
    Middle row: sliver general
    The 2 besides the king:Gold generals

  17. Seek God our Lord and Savior before its too late

  18. your english is nearly indistinguishable from a native speaker's. don't put yourself down

  19. Shikamaru made us see the coolness of Shogi and now mostly everyone came here by this

  20. I know this is an old video, but you're English is near, if not, perfect. If you didn't have an accent, I would not have guessed you from another country.

    I hope you still have practiced English since then, case the language is very hard to learn for most foreigners.

    Thank you so much for making these videos. i am only a little ways through this video when I am typing this, but I can tell these videos are going to be very useful, and easy to understand. I can't wait to learn how to play this game!

  21. Guys lets me honest we all here cause of Shikamaru

  22. After 12 yrs i am watching this reason is no different than shikamaru

  23. Why are you picking up the pieces regular just to shift them in your hand to slam them down like that??

  24. Thank you! I was interested in learning to play shogi and I found your videos.
    They are being really helpful, not only are they teaching me the game, but thanks to you I am also learning and taking notes on the vocabulary.

  25. Thank you for this introduction. The description and graphics are clear in plain English and delivered at a good steady pace with no wasteful or confusing words. Your English pronunciation is good and very easy to understand for anyone in England. I hope your work was widely recognised over the last 19 years!

  26. didnt come here from shikamaru i came here from shikaku

  27. おもしろい!I hope I can find some friends learning it.. I'm not very social 😛

  28. I'm kinda late to the party but I wanted to learn shõgi for a long time and you're the perfect master for that. Thanks Hidetchi-san.

  29. Hey I would love for you to renew you're series, this is amazing and I love how much detail you go into

    I'd love to recommend the series to my friends as its the best on YouTube and your passion is clear

    Please come back after 6 years ♡♡♡

  30. We need shogi pieces with english text so we can play without confusion.

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