How to play Shogi(将棋) -Lesson#1- Introduction

1st video of my lesson series. I explain the initial set-up and the names of the pieces.

If you want to try a SHOGI game online, go play at !!


  1. All of the chess GM's turn into begginers while playing this

  2. Horrilble Video quality this should be rerecorded.

  3. "My English is not good" oh please I'd die if you asked me to do a video on Western Chess in full japanese. Your English is great!

  4. We've got all these elegant names like Flying Chariot and Dragon King, and then…Angle-Goer

  5. Im from march comes in like a lion and ı love playing chess so ı want to learn sogi (sorry I dont now how to write it)

  6. Am I the only one here because of Yakuza: Like a Dragon?

  7. This is a great help – i was so glad I found this channel. I always wanted to learn since I watched an anime with my nephew about shogi. I looked so intense and I like the concepts of promotion and reuse. BTW your English is excellent.

  8. Thank you for these videos. I am looking forward to learning shogi and all these videos are a great resource !

  9. I'm here because of the anime "Ryuo's Work is Never Done"

  10. Quiz

    1. How many pieces in shogi?
    2. What is the strongest piece?
    3. What is the diference between shogi knight and chess knight?

    Thank you for the lesson.

  11. So I’ve heard a theory that the reason for the upper characters on the back row pieces (lances, knights, silvers, golds, and king) was to help denote they’re rank, using kanji for precious materials and spices. So it goes: jewel, gold, silver, cassia (an expensive spice), and incense. I’ve heard people express confusion over the use of the words “cassia” and “incense” for the knight and lance, but it was most likely done to convey the ranks of the pieces. Both kings were originally labeled as “jewel general” but one was changed to “king general” in order to mark which player was the superior/elder player or had the second move.

  12. i tried to play on lishogi and got my ass handed to me, and recomended me this channel. this game is fun and you explain it extremelly well.

  13. thank you, this video was very helpful

  14. I went to a shop and saw they were selling shogi, i bought it cuz it looked interesting but when i looked at the instructions….it was in japanese 🥲

  15. Huuuu can't wait to play shogi.. looks like a lot to take in at first. Especially the fact that the squares are all of same colours and the 'dropping' of pieces let's go at it 📣

  16. learning to play shogi because of march comes in like a lion! lol

  17. Dude about your english I didnt even knew u were japanese before u said it, I noticed u werent english native as well but your english is totally understandable. Maybe now 13 years later you might have improved a lot. Thanks for the explanations I ll watch the other videos of yours to learn more about this game. Thank you

  18. Thank you for making these videos! I love playing chess and recently learned of shogi from Kuroko's Basketball. Can’t wait to learn how to play!

  19. handles the pieces like go (two fingers)

  20. your english is actually good don’t underestimate yourself

  21. very helpful videos. and the best of this sort i would say.

  22. はやく羽生を超えるレジェンド現れてくれ…

  23. thank you for your lessons,very helpful to me.In China,we do not have good shogi lessons on the internet.Your English is very good and very easy to understand.Thank u

  24. Even though I’m 13 years late to the party, thank you sincerely for making these videos. My friends have tried to teach me, but they lack your ability to explain the concepts and your patience (and I understand because they want to just play). Your English is very good by the way. Far better than mine <3 😀

  25. Hello I want to know about the best website for playing shogi online with japanese shogi players? Please tell me about it.

  26. Your English is very good! It's very early in the morning so I should be going to bed, but, I'm glad I found your channel; I will be back for your Shogi lessons.

  27. as an english born speaker it is very easy to understand you

  28. So in summary:

    Pawn : 歩兵(Fu-Hyou)
    Lance : 香車(Kyou-Sha)
    Knight : 桂馬(Kei-Ma)
    Silver General : 銀将(Gin-Shou)
    Gold General : 金将(Kin-Shou)
    Jeweled General : 玉将(Gyoku-Shou)
    King General : 王将(Ou-Shou)
    Rook : 飛車(Hi-Sha)
    Bishop : 角行(Kaku-Gyou)

  29. I find shogi interested because of you Sir ! Thank you for bringing 81dojo for us. I play there a lot. 😊

  30. THANK YOU SO MUCH HIDETCHI! I hope youre doing well and blessed with good health

  31. Your English is fantastic, don't worry.

    Your piece handling is also amazing, love the series!

    Thanks for the hard work!

  32. Thank you 🙏 as a chess player i saw a video about shogi and it makes me wanna play it thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn it

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