How to play Laser Chess

Learn the rules to the board game Laser Chess quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to be the first player to hit your opponent’s king with the laser. Layout the board between the two players with the notched corner spot located in the bottom right of each player. The types of pieces are as follows: Laser, Deflector, Defender, Switch, and King.

Each player pick a color and arranges their pieces on the board as indicated by the setups found on page 10 of the rule book seen here. Beginners should begin with the ACE configuration then advance to Curiosity, grail, mercury, and Sophie. Once you’ve mastered the game you can invent your own starting positions.

The blue-white player goes first, then turns alternate. On you turn you must perform one of 3 actions.

Action 1. You must move 1 of your pieces 1 space in any direction, including diagonally. The destination space may not be occupied, unless the piece being moved is the switch. The switch is allowed to switch positions with a defender or deflector piece of either color that is adjacent to it. A switch may not switch places with the king, laser, or another switch. When a piece moves, or is switched, all pieces moved retain their original orientation and may not be rotated. The board has red and white helix symbols along the edges, no player may move a piece onto a space that has their opponent’s helix color.

Action 2. Instead of moving you may rotate 1 piece 90 degrees in either direction.

Action 3. You may rotate the laser to point in its alternative direction. The laser may only point up a column or across a row.

Once you move or rotate then you must fire the laser by pressing the button on its top. Whatever piece lights up, if any, by the laser hitting its non-mirrored side, that piece, regardless of who controls it, is removed from the board and may not be used for the remainder of the game. The defender will not light up when hit from the shield side which can be used to block a laser. The switch has mirrors on both sides and can never light up and therefore is never removed from the board. The deflector has a mirror on one side and can only be lit up from the non-mirrored sides. And the laser can never be removed from the game.

The laser is only fired once per turn. You may not test fire the laser mid-turn while deciding a move. Once a piece is moved, the move cannot be taken back and the laser must be fired.

When either laser beam lands on a king token, that king is removed and the game is over. The player with the remaining king wins. If you are in a situation where the same pieces of the same colors occupy the same spaces in the same orientations 3 times in the same game, then the player making the next move may declare a stalemate if they want. If they do, then the game ends in a draw.


  1. Wait. What happens if you fire the laser at your own king?

  2. When the chess devs don’t update the game in a century so you download mods made by the community

  3. As a laser, I can confirm this is how we play chess.

  4. У меня есть эта игра, я играл в эту игру.

  5. if only it had a beam splitter expansion just like Khet which doesnt make sense tbh cuz the same creators also made a single player laser maze which DOES have beam splitters among other tokens, i have both laser chess and laser maze but the tokens arent cross-compatible

  6. I played this a long time ago, it was super interesting

  7. i remember i made a game that was called endgame chess

    the rules are the same except for the following changes

    1 – Checkmate, stalemate and check, are all disabled
    2 – The king is invincible i.e. he can not be killed till he is the last piece left
    3 – Queen should not be killed nor can move from its place till its only king and queen left in both of the sides
    4 – its regular chess till all of the pieces are removed from the game (except king and queen)
    5 – When its just these two, there will be a 2v2 (queen and king vs queen and king)
    6 – The Queen can kill the king but the queen will be able to move only 3 steps at a time.
    7 – if both queens are dead, the kings can move anywhere on the map as long as it is only 2 steps
    8 – if one of the king revolves all around the board. the king can revive the queen
    9 – when one of the king is killed, half of the game ends.
    10 – one of the sides win, the game will be a queen vs queen till the queen wins, the queen can move anywhere but only 5 steps.

    The main point of this game is
    it is made for those people who always win and are looking for a challenge
    the game will last for 1 or 1 and a half hours.

  8. Thank god they made an update
    Many chess gm are waiting for this

  9. Now Imagine…5d multidimensional time travel laser chess…

  10. My first time seeing the version of chess amazing

  11. this looks like laser maze except someone added chess for no reason

  12. Me who is still trying to get good at normal chess 🗿

  13. "The object of the game is to hit your opponent's King with a laser" sounds kinda funny out of context that this is LASER not normal Chess

  14. It's price is to high I want to buy this but price is very high please set it to 1000 so I will shall buy this it's my promise . I hope that you will see this comment .

  15. This is the most creative chess rip off I have ever seen

  16. When my mom comes into my room, I'll switch to porn coz it easier to explain

  17. What a coincedence, I remember for this Flipline Studios community (and I used the same nickame for the discord), I decided to create this account with user name consisting of these 3 completely random words 'Laser', 'Chess' and 'Party'. And what a coincedence, there actually is a laser chess game, and it's like a party, haha. Yeah this looks like a really cool puzzle game! ♟🥳🧩

  18. The waffle house has found its new host

  19. I had a version of this but it no longer works

  20. The rules are the same as regular chess, except for these changes

  21. Bro in 2069 hes gonna do a video to how to play ohio chess,how to play amogus chess, how to play backrooms chess,how to play cursed chess

  22. th͍͒ẽ͔ l̨̠̃̚o̲̘͗̊sṫ͈̟̚ on̻̂ê̼s̖̈ says:

    the defender is be like when shot by the laser : i put my armor on to show you how strong i am

  23. My anan is hace this satranç bro i ıhaysın empoşunturabi i haysın yarrrrrrre

  24. Too many terrible commercisl variants of Chess.

  25. When you create a completely different game and just use the name chess for brand recognition.

  26. You should rename the “King” to “Source”

  27. This the first video I fully understood everything

  28. This looks awesome. I want to try this. Don't know if I could find someone to play with, though.


  30. there are so many versions of chess its becoming insane

  31. I need this chess, I am state level chess player but I need this one

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