How to Play Courier Chess

How to play Courier Chess (Kurierschach, Kurierspiel). Full explanation from and


  1. A very interesting variant of the game, but I can see why the modern form completely replaced it even thou courier had been played for centuries.The game pieces that didnt make the modern version only move one (or two for courier) squares. The additional slow pieces and larger board size make for a much slower paced game that takes much longer to play.

  2. Your assessment can not be denied, as you have the advantage of a few centuries' perspective. Throughout the history of chess, there have been many attempts to speed up the start of the game — and the modern power of queen and bishop is what took hold in Europe. Even so, the ancient forms gave an equally engaging experience to their players and still hold great potential for modern players. Some modern variants still have slow starts, such as Shogi — but oh what great games they are!

  3. Uh I love chess and history and I want it but don't have the money!

  4. Hey, I understand! This happens to be a very particular set, very few are made and production is labor intensive. Check out some other sets and things of chess history interest — there's much to enjoy without shelling out 300 dollars!
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  5. are these versions of chess as hard as the original?

  6. As far as we know, the original version of chess was very much like the one we play today, but with much weaker moves for the queen and bishop (called adviser and elephant in those days). It was probably about as hard to play, but in different ways. Courier chess is definitely more complicated, with more types of pieces.

  7. very interesting. Are there any clubs that play this game? Or is it obsolete? I really like your videos

  8. Rick, the Medieval Queen moves like the Queen in Shatranj. The Medieval Bishop moves like the Elephant in Shatranj. The Jester moves like the Giraffe in Let's Catch the Lion.

  9. Thanks for the comment — I see you're connecting the dots here. Yes, those moves of Queen and Bishop were the same in most parts of the chess world — until the new (modern) chess came along at the end of the 15th century. The jester's move is more peculiar, usually only found in larger chess variants, though it is common in games of the 'stratego' family (the game dou shou qi for instance), and – as you mentioned – in the special children's game Let's Catch the Lion (a new shogi variant).

  10. So they kept the courier's move and the bishop's name. Interesting.

  11. Actually, many northern European countries essentially kept the courier and replaced the medieval bishop piece. The piece we call 'bishop' is given the equivalent of 'courier' (runner) in German, Dutch and Norwegian. The identity of the Bishop piece is a real wild card between different countries: a fool in French, elephant in the old Arabic form, camel in Mongolia and India, archer in old Germany, judge in old Spain … so, it's all very interesting .. and rather complicated. Wonderful variety!

  12. I guess the important thing is that only pawns and knights are still steppers, and knights aren't *exactly* steppers. Sliders are IT, and steppers are OUT.

  13. So … would you call the king a stepper?

  14. Hmmm…

    I guess he is. And they kept him that way, I guess because he'd be too hard to checkmate if he could slide all over the board.

  15. Another very interesting chess variant is tamerlane chess.

  16. Yes! Tamerlane chess is amazing! I would love to see a set of that re-created.

  17. Thank you for the ''chessing''! Hi from Russia)) There are many new pieces in Alexander's Space Chess project.

  18. Courier Chess is very difficult. All the pieces have really weird shapes especially the bishop. And it's Ancient Chess!!!

  19. Are there any modern boards of these Or are there any ways / variations on a Modern Chess Set?

  20. Just kind of an announcement to everybody. Pretty much all of the games on Rick's channel can be played at for free for those of us who wanna get some experience with them before spending money.

  21. to ancienchess wwii world warii chess Broad 8×8 sq. 24chessman(16 chessman + 2tank(move capture same rook not more than 3sq.) 2bombing plane(same cannon in xiagqi ) 2general(kone in thai chess) 1guard(med in thai chess) 1prince(move capture same queen not more than 2sq.)

  22. I noticed the king is on his color. Is that intentional?

  23. This is actually interesting. In Finnish the chess piece bishop is called 'lähetti' which actually means (outside chess) a courier. 😮

  24. I was wondering about the piece called the Man/Sage, which moves like a king. What would such a piece be worth? So I looked it up, it's actually considered to be with 4 points, stronger than a bishop or knight.

  25. My favorite youtube channel. always great info.

  26. what's the reason of p become a q here ? q here so weak

  27. One of my favorite Variants. It rewards the patient strategist over the heated attacker. Blitz players beware.

  28. Excellent clip. Very interesting….I think I will make a set !! I hope I can find a few players when I'm done.

  29. The rooks in Courier Chess must be incredibly powerful given the board size and other pieces’ severe limitations.

  30. The queen wasn't called the queen back then.

  31. When I played this on Jocly with my dad, he didn’t know how to play. So I taught him how to play. And he beat me. He tried moving some pieces that moves like modern chess pieces. But I still think you do a great job! I’m glad this is on eBay.

  32. Pawn – Bedak (Shatranj)
    Queen – Ferz
    Schleich – Wazir (Variant)
    Sage – Sage
    King – King
    Knight – Knight
    Rook – Rook
    Bishop – Alfil (Shatranj)
    Courier – Bishop (Chess)

  33. So many fascinating games ! Me being your neighbour, I would pretty much harass you permanantly to play something everyday.

  34. I remember watching these videos years ago! Man does time fly

  35. I hv made my own Courier chess. ur vedio as reference helped a lot.
    Thanks for showing ur vedio.
    Ur chess pieces are so beautiful that the only name i would like to say AMAZING ..

  36. I actually modernized this game. Here are the modernized rules:

    – Pawns can double advance and capture en passant.

    – There is no obligatory joy leaps.

    – Castling s allowed.

    – Pawns become any piece during promotion, minus king and pawn.

    – Stalemate is a draw.

    – There is no bare king rule.

    -The sage is replaced by a queen, which moves as in western chess. Not to be confused with the medieval queen, renamed a ferz.

    -The bishop is renamed an alfil.

    – The courier is renamed a bishop.

    – The jester is renamed a wazir.

    – The back rank is set up
    R, N, A, B, F, Q, K, W, B, A, N, R.

  37. Here is a chess variant that I think you'll enjoy. It is called Royal Chess, and is played on a 10×8 board.

  38. Hi, Rick, it's Gary Fleming. I have a new (and better) channel now, so subscribe to it if you want.

    Also, I plan on making more chess variants.

  39. Man I didn’t know the chess dlc came out that long ago

  40. About the game ancient chess I wonder how powerful is the advisor chess piece?

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