How to Play Chess | Game for Medieval Reenactment: Modern, Chaturanga, Shatranj, and Knights Chess

Learn the basics of how to play modern chess, along with medieval and Renaissance versions such as chaturanga, shatranj, and knights chess.

– Chaturanga is the Indian form of chess from the late 7th century. This form could be played with either two or four persons.

– Shatranj is the Persian form of chess from the 10th century.

– Knights chess is a German variation of chess from the 14th century.

Chess Set:

For anyone curious about what exactly the ‘SCA’ is — The Society for Creative Anachronism is an international, non-profit educational organization that studies and recreates the medieval and Renaissance years of 600-1600AD.

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  1. Thanks for watching! ☺️ What is your favorite historical game?

  2. Really good video. The evolution of the Chess and his different versions are incredible

  3. Isn't A1 usually dark regardless of the variant?

  4. white king on white square? XD OMG!

  5. The gee in 'chaturanga' is a hard gee pronounced as in 'guest', not the soft gee as in 'gym'.

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