How to play Checkless Chess (Prohibition Chess)

Learn the rules to Checkless Chess (also called Prohibition Chess) quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Chess rules, check out this video:

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You are not allowed to check a king unless it results in checkmate. You may not capture a piece if the capture results in checking a king. You may not move a piece if it results in checking a king. Checkmate can occur in unique ways using this rule. For example: If black moves their queen here, under normal conditions it would just be check, however because the response to this move would mean that white’s rook would check black’s king, then, that means, that white is unable to capture black’s queen. So in this variant, Blacks queen isn’t moving to a position of check, but actually checkmate, because white does not have a legal move it can respond with. The first player to checkmate their opponent, wins!


  1. I thought it would be a variant where the goal is to capture your opponent’s king

  2. Means now queen vs queen is not a draw. That is very great

  3. What if we take this a step further and say you are allowed to make a move that would put your king into check and the opponent has to make a move that removes check on your king

  4. I was hoping for 5D Chess with Multiversal Time Travel. Why are you here? Why did you tease it?

  5. Who else is here before 5d chess rules vedio 😂

  6. Triple S games appreciate the videos but get some rest if you are tired 😮

  7. Alrigth, 3rd chess video before 5D. (I know it takes a lot of time, don't worry, I'm just couting.)

  8. In the last part of the video, the knight move is illegal as it can be captured by the pawn in h2

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