How to play Checkless Chess (Prohibition Chess)

Learn the rules to Checkless Chess (also called Prohibition Chess) quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Chess rules, check out this video:

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You are not allowed to check a king unless it results in checkmate. You may not capture a piece if the capture results in checking a king. You may not move a piece if it results in checking a king. Checkmate can occur in unique ways using this rule. For example: If black moves their queen here, under normal conditions it would just be check, however because the response to this move would mean that white’s rook would check black’s king, then, that means, that white is unable to capture black’s queen. So in this variant, Blacks queen isn’t moving to a position of check, but actually checkmate, because white does not have a legal move it can respond with. The first player to checkmate their opponent, wins!


  1. Triple S games you're really good at explaining all these variants of games, but if you need some vacation or there's anything that is making you worry at the time, feel free to take a vacation dude 🙂

  2. Idk if battle royale chess really exist

  3. this is actually a very interesting mod because most of the time you wanna keep on checking the king in order to pressure the opponent while in this mod you gotta plan your moves importantly into a very smart checkmate

  4. You're really looking under the weather man
    Take a break and focus on self care, I'm no doctor but I think you may need it

  5. I wonder if these variations of chess can be combined?
    Say this combined with atomic chess.

  6. Try loading this FEN:
    4B1Q1/8/8/8/4nP1k/4P3/5pPP/5R1K b – – 0 1

    I based it on the last scenario in the video, but this time I think black isn't allowed to check with the knight (because now the pawn can take with checkmate). Try to have fun with it like I did 🙂

  7. I have a feeling that bongcloud maybe a pretty good opening in this variation 🤔🤣

  8. God, I'm absolutely surprised by the amount of ways there is to play chess, holy.

  9. The final rule is weird. No legal move in regular chess means stalemate.

  10. So castling is probably a bad idea because the King protects pieces better in the center?

  11. What if the only legal move for a player gives a checkmate instead of a check? Would the previous move not be legal?

  12. I wonder if there are positions here that result in infinite recusion, that is: white checks, the only move for black results in a check for white, in which the only move results in a check for black, in which the only move results in a check for white and so on…

  13. what happens if an opponent's only legal move response to a check is checkmate? would you then be allowed to check them? would that be checkmate?

  14. Wow, i love those kinda of variants, they give you a new way of playing chess without being the same everytime, you can try a lot of them without getting tired, because always you will have something new to play with (of course there is some exceptions, like crazyhouse, but its just isolated cases)

  15. Jim, I’ve been asking you several times. Could you PLEASE take a break from chess variants. Some folks might be starting to get bored and want something else. And I’m still desperate for Monopoly Millionaire. Please, I’m asking as an online friend.

  16. This is the mod where pinning has little to no effect

  17. So discovered check turns into a reverse pin? That's really odd, makes me wonder how the meta changes with that rule. Like the king can now protect pieces by hiding in the enemy bishop/rook line of sight.

  18. I love learning new chess variants! I see you have a playlist dedicated to this, but perhaps you could make another playlist specifically dedicated to variants playable with a standard chess board and common components?
    Love these videos, keep up the good work! 🙂

  19. Can you please explain Dragon Chess created by Gary Gygax? It’s so unique and unheard of except lightly mentioned in D&D and should definitely have more buzz than that.

  20. There's no ladder mate, king forks, and pieces can be in a way pinned by the king because discovered check.

  21. Crystal Clear with 8BE (Enzo Sandoval) says:

    Checking a king is illegal, but checkmating a king is legal.

  22. Aggressive King strategy: "Meat is back on the menu boys"

  23. So surely you'd be pushing your king out to an empty spot in the middle of the board come the midgame?

  24. But what happens if you attack the opponent’s king but they have a move that will get them out of check and checkmate you at the same time? Does that mean you’re not allowed to do it?

  25. uh you made a mistake . it is checkless chess, but at the beginning, you tell us to check the video.

    so wrong man.

  26. When the bongcloud can be a legit strategy

  27. 1:03 Uh… That's not checkmate. The pawn can still capture the knight.

  28. This made the king an overpowered piece if you know how to use it.

  29. But can the King move into a position where it would be in check?

  30. finally, a variant where you can pin a king to a king

  31. so basically you can only defeat, not scare opponent's king

  32. all the 400 elo who mains scholars mate is gonna love this chess variation

  33. He sounds like he just spent 14 hours playing 5D Multiversus time travel chess

  34. Can someone pls explain the example with the last one? This is a check, so it's not allowed, black loses then, why is it a win for black?

  35. I'm not quite sure about it, but this rules seems to be equivalent (under the result of the game) to a more simple rule, where the first player to stop checking wins?

  36. Sounds difficult to win.

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