How to play Chaturanga

Learn the rules to the board game Chaturanga quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original rules of Chess, check out this video:

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The rules are the same as regular chess except for these changes. For a refresher of those rules, check out this video. Replace bishops with elephants and the queen with a minister.

Elephants jump exactly 2 squares in any direction, leaping over any piece in the way. The minister moves and captures to any diagonally adjacent space. Pawns are not allowed their initial double step move option, therefore en passant is not allowed. Pawns must promote to a minister when reaching the far side of the board.

If a player is stalemated then they win.


  1. Chinese Chess pieces for Bishops and Queen, cute.

  2. According to H. J. R. Murray's Account, Harry Golombek's Account, Henry A. Davidson's Account, the game can also be won through baring the King. John Gollon denies the bare king rule though

  3. This is the indian game from where chess got originated ❤😊

  4. Castling wasn’t allowed at the time. Also capturing all of the opponent’s pieces and leaving the King “bare” also results in a win.

  5. 6th century Punjabs be like “Actually it’s Chess: the rules are the same as regular chaturanga except for these changes made to it on the Silk Road and in Western Europe”

  6. Similar to xiangqi but elephant cannot jump nor cross river. Horse cannot jump pieces and moves one point orthogonally first, then one point diagonally. The warrior cannot leave the palace and can move one point diagonal followed the line. And the king cannot do flying general move if opposing general face each other. Except a piece can block it. He cannot get out of the palace. The soldier moves 1 point forward to the River. Once crossed, he can move 1 point left or right. Once he reached to the side, he must move 1 point right or left. The bonus piece is the gunner. The gunner moves like the charioteer but can jump over 1 piece either yours or opponent’s to capture that piece.

  7. Please Do a video called how to play solomon golomb cheskers

  8. So now you have to redo the Chess instructions with the starter, "The rules are just like regular Chaturanga but with these changes…"

  9. Promoting to a minister must be a terrible tactic, because it's too weak, weaker then a king, the opponent might as well ignore the promotion, no wonder they change to pawn able to promote to anything

  10. Ahh, I remember the time where the Queen was once on F Tier

  11. We are unsure how the elephant moves and there was no castling then.

    Could you do other variants like Makruk (Thai chess) & Sittuyin (Burmese chess)?
    Would appreciate it!

  12. Can you tell how to play game of life goals

  13. Legends know this is the topic he already done it's his 2 nd time

  14. So, the only difference with Shatranj is the initial king position.

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