How to Play Ancient Chess – Shatranj

How to play shatranj, the ancient form of chess, played by Persians, Arabs and Europeans, before the advent of modern international chess.


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  2. I wonder if the pawns still capture diagonally? I know in Shogi they do not.

  3. I love these videos. I remember first finding your channel as a kid and getting super interested in international chess culture. Sometimes I come back to these videos for a bit of nostalgia actually, lol. Thank you for making these videos.

  4. Shatranj is word in India too. And the ancient chess was passed into Arab. We still play this. In fact if someone moves pawns for 2 squares, many people consider it as illegal move. We also say rook as kishti, which means chariot. Also, the Russian word for chess is shahmat (check, mate). And yes, bishop is still called elephant (हाथी) in India. This is not ancient chess, played in India before, and now.

  5. This is a very interesting video, but there is something I would like to know, is Shatranj the same game as Chaturanga, or are there any differences? From what I can gather, the rules of Chaturanga are not completely known, for example, the movement of the elephant, while the rules of Shatranj are generally agreed upon. Is there anything Shatranj has introduced, or is it essentially the Persian version of Chaturanga?

  6. Love your videos, explained very well!👍

  7. Is Shatranj still popular anywhere? I really love your videos 🙂

  8. First time I see this. Thank you very much for sharing🙏🙏🙏

  9. I love the look of this set, the king and queen seem rather easy to confuse if theyre not right next to one another though.

  10. Do you know if the king was allowed to make the knights move that you mentioned if he was in check?

  11. Wow chess means Satranç (satranch) in turkish

  12. Shatranj Is Came From North East Iran and has 900 years old history
    Oldest Shatranj From Iran is in new York museum also known Persian chees

  13. chess was invented in india …. it is still called shatranj in india

  14. In India, most people who play chess still play the traditional shatranj. I also played shatraj. I have no idea how to play the european/western version. Our pieces did not look the way shown in this clip.

  15. Shatrang is name adopted by islamic persians ,its real name is chaturanga ,its an ancient indian game

  16. Shatranj, India's Oldest Chess is Really Hard & Tough to play!

    We can understand this by looking at these rules:

    1) The elephant jumping 2 squares diagonally.

    2) Counsellor/Minister/Queen just moving one square.

    3) No diagonally moving Bishops.

    4) No two squares jumping Pawns at its beginning move.

    5) King & Opposition Minister placed opposite to each other, irrespective of matching the Queen color & the square color.

    6) No En Passant.

    7) No Castling.

    8) Pawn will be promoted only to the piece present on the same file.

    9) No Draws, Game is lost for the person if their King is found alone on the board, No need to Check & Checkmate.

    10) No Checkered Squares.

    Sultan Khan is the Master in playing this Original Standard Hardest Shatranj!

    We are playing the Easiest New Chess, unlike the Original Hardest Shatranj!

    With out all these we are celebrating the world champions as idols!

  17. Pawn – Bedak
    Knight – Faras
    Bishop – Alfil
    Rook – Rukh
    Queen – Ferz
    King – Shah

    You could also play chess and makruk with this set and vice versa.

  18. This game is more complicated then we play chess today….

  19. Thank you for the information, this is exactly what i was looking for!

  20. Elephant moves like Elephant in xiangqi but can jump.

  21. My grandpa who taught me chess called the bishop an elephant!

  22. Interestingly modern chess is still called shatranj or شطرنج in Iran although we use the modern pieces and rules.

  23. Chess originated in India and then spread though most of the eastern hemisphere It is not a European invention

  24. Interestingly, in modern chess, the bishop in Arabic we still call it an elephant!

  25. The elephant plays similar bro the elephant in Chinese chess, the queen is also very similar lol

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  28. I heard that there are board games from ancient western civilisations, like ancient Egypt and ancient Rome, where it is not known how these are played, as there are no surviving documents about that. It is a pity. One example from ancient Egypt is Senet. I recently saw about another such fairly large board game. Another example is a game from ancient Rome similar to chess. Perhaps it is the same one as the ancient chess mentioned in this video. Can see these examples:

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  30. this is tooooooooooooo diffficult to check mate with this

  31. But when arabic ppl say shatranj they mean the modern chess no one still play the old version

  32. In Iran we still call the pieces "phill" : elephant and "vasir" : advisor and "asb" : horse 🙂 took the child me 2 years to get the new names right

  33. Very interesting indeed . So does the king actually have to get captured then ?

  34. the pieces looks like tamerlane pieces

  35. Hey I heard from agadmador that we can castle and we can place our rook on e1 or f1 according to our need

  36. I'm glad that shatranj evolved into modern chess… it's the gradual changes gave the game more speed and action.

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