How To Play 4 Player Chess

Want to learn how to play four player chess? Here’s the basic rules!

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  1. One way to "improve" the game and give it more balance would be that a player can only have its pieces captured or its king in check once per turn
    (as long as they are in its own territory).

    Another one would be that a player gains a "imediate reply" to a capture or a check
    (even though it's out of turn),
    and then the game would continue from where it was before.

  2. this is ridiculous but i think its worth it if you want many players to play

  3. This is actually a great variation!!! I love it! Try making a Teams video too!

  4. i thought it was 20 pts per triple check now, november 20th 2018.

  5. Question: suppose player4 is already dead, player 1 make a check to player3 and, in that moment player3 could not move in any direction because a piece of player2 is blocking him. Is already checkmate? If yes (probably yes), why? WHY? The next to move is player2 so he can theoretical move his piece away and allow the king of player 3 to escape. Image an endgame with a king and a rook against a king against a king. Obviously the two lonely kings try to collaborate for surviving. If player 1 check player 3 with the rook on the last column and the king of player 2 (on column 3) prevent the checked king to escape on column 2 is already checkmate by player1? Even if is the turn of player 2 that can move back on column 4 for allow the king of player 3 to move on column 2 and survive? In the game i play it result in a checkmate but i found that it is a stupid rule (For that matter I was player 1 and win unintentionally)

  6. Every time I try to play 4 player chess, I get a blank screen. It's so fucking frustrating because I love to play it and now for the past few days I can't play it anymore and is the only site I can find it on. Please can somebody help?!?!?!

  7. Can someone please tell me how the timers work? Do I get one minute for the entire game or is it one minute per turn?

  8. 0:50: Both knights and the queen can move. (Not stalemate!)

  9. This game is only playable on the computer right, not mobile?

  10. question: how does the rank promotion work with the pawn/queens 0:20

  11. I've tried for a few days now and cannot get any games to display or begin. The site appears to be "up", but not functional, at least for 4-player chess.

  12. Can you do co-op mode in 4 way chess?

  13. imagine your roleplaying with your friends on 4 player chess

  14. I played this IRL with my brothers and almost won the game with a single knight

  15. 0:50 why is it considered a stalemate???? I don't understand the rules! Someone please help!

  16. Is this game mode on mobile? I’ve been looking and can’t find it, I may or may not be blind depending on the answer so please lmk

  17. Finally after 1500 years, there's an update of chess

  18. Its so hard. I don't even have 3 other players

  19. There is no pass & play mode in four play chess please add it up.

  20. My best friend taught me how to play chess and 4 way chess. I was in the chess club and I was bad at it for awhile. I also was a interviewer for my school paper once. Good memories.

  21. 2069:Battle royale chess how to play

  22. Every time I play team chess there’s zero communication from my partner and they manage to get pissed at me every time I try make a move. I can’t read your board and my own in a fucking minute dog. I’m new lol.

  23. Is the game containing 2 teams or everyone alone ?

  24. カザマカズヨシ / 風真一義 says:

    I came here after seeing GMHikaru’s stream.


  26. the lobbys for these variants are impossible to navigate, help

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