How India is RECLAIMING its LOST Glory?

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Editing ► Kunal

00:00 Intro
00:33 Evolution of Chess
02:28 The Russian Dominance in Chess
04:45 The US vs USSR Story
05:25 Content Drives Chess Popularity
06:35 The Future of Bharat and Chess

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  1. Damn that's a lot of thumbnail and title change

  2. Currently there are 74 GM in India
    It would have been great if you had covered a few of the legendary female chess players
    All in all the content was really appreciable!!

  3. Mikhail tal 🔥 the true magician, Queen scarifier.

  4. Legends know Thumbnail aur Title teen baar change hua hai 😂.

  5. 3 saal chess khela .. bht maja aata tha harane me logo ko…
    Fir smartphone aagya..

  6. Samay Raina played a big role in socialising chess to the youth(like me). don't get me wrong, We knew what chess is and how to play it, but it didn't look that cool, before Samay made it. Personally I love chess after following Samay.

  7. Shaadi ke baad jo nikhar aaya hai bhai ke chehre par, ekdum se Ranveer Singh wali energy dikh rahi hai video mein🤣

  8. Ok! Listen 👂 Non-topic observation.

    The host is much much happier in his delivery! Gone of those monotone previously?

    I like the change, what’s the reason ??

  9. Because of samay and sagar i started playing chess

  10. चाहे पूरी दुनिया देखे, लेकिन मैं south की फिल्म देख लूंगा,चाहे तो bhojpuri फिल्म देख लूंगा लेकिन अब मैं कभी कोई Bollywood की मूवी नहीं देखूंगा coz:-
    Bollywood is Anti-National
    Bollywood is anti-Hindu
    Bollywood is pro- tererist
    Bollywood is pro- druggist
    Bollywood is pro-communist
    Bollywood is pro-nepotism

  11. I got addicted to chess because of my mother she is a amazing player in chess but unfortunately she can't go further at her time due to financial conditions.

  12. Ajkal ka youth to internet pe jismbaazi, mujra krne me busy hai kya hoga desh ka.🤣🤣

  13. I was a sub-divisional player of chess till 9th. But due to the trashy education system I left it, Now As Entering into College I'll be resuming my favourite game.

  14. Bro mae 25 ka hoon abhi start kar sakta hoon seekhna chess kya mere pass chance hai ki isme grow karne ke

  15. 1600-1700 🥲 aur sikhne ka motivation vhi nhi araha tha ab syd sikh lu 😅

  16. In terms of chess ; india is like one of the beast in present and a dominant future beast

  17. I had subscribed to your channel many months back, but today I see I was not subscribed ..this is weird

  18. Please add language as hindi in title or try changing the whole title to hindi.

  19. 6th century is only the oldest documented surviving proof of chess. Actually chess in India is thousands of years much older than that. As we know, what survives today is only 1% since the invaders methodically destroyed any traces of all good things of India. We had 100s of worlds top universities such as taxila, nalanda in 1000 BC. But how many in 18th century AD? Exactly 0. That tells you the scale of the enormous destruction.

    So chess is probably 6000-7000 years old. Otherwise, nice video.

  20. Sir I just appreciate the efforts put into this video. Magnificent piece of art. Not only everything was so well explained, the video & audio editing paired up greatly as well!
    Keep on making such amazing content :")

  21. Bhai 1 problem with the video
    Why did you say "hamari rank aati hi nahi hai?"
    That's just too much of a self depreciating comment. Have you seen the list? Have seen the GMs list how many from India? India has significantly more no than Chinese and okly behind Russia. Suddenly self depreciating threshold is being only the first? Else you're BS? WTH is wrong with people thinking like this. 🤦‍♂️

  22. Me and my wife go to Russia 😂 , l thought you where 20 years old and single 😂

  23. Pathetic that People claim V. Anand to be the first Indian Chess Master

    They haven't even heard about
    Manuel Aaron

    V. Anand came 26 years later

  24. Chess was invented was Saraswati Sindhu civiz which is 3000bc.

  25. Vishy sir inspired many people to play chess and Sagar Shah and Samay Raina Created chess audience 🖤

  26. I play Chess, and I'm a 1300+ Elo rated player.

  27. Me and my cousin used to play chess for 5 to 6hr.
    But now i don't find anyone in neighbour who play chess

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