How India is RECLAIMING its LOST Glory?

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Editing ► Kunal

00:00 Intro
00:33 Evolution of Chess
02:28 The Russian Dominance in Chess
04:45 The US vs USSR Story
05:25 Content Drives Chess Popularity
06:35 The Future of Bharat and Chess

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  1. Great Video! Drop me a message and I'll teach you some chess

  2. Our bharat is full of talented and skilled people but the World Don't want to acknowledge the fact.

  3. Title English m or Video Hindi m
    Wahh 😂😂😂

  4. Whats with these smiles and jumps, are bhai ore bhai

  5. Russia US obviously dominates in gazillion of things like science Olympiads olympics etc etc

  6. Russia doesn't have 500+ grandmaster, only 250 something

  7. Its Shatranj not Chaturanga. Lets not anglicize an indian-origin.

  8. bhai shi mein tera content zabardasthh hai🤩😘😚

  9. programmers soch rahy hongy ek chess game banany ka for their time pass after break of work like me😂😂😂agree ?

  10. How I learnt Chess:: 👉When i went to hostel in class 6 ,I did not knew at that time what is chess.than after puja vacation ,1 of our friend brought a set of chess♟.
    ○2-3 people knew how to play it and they used to play it in playtime(in hostel💒).□ AND
    boys used to gather there to watch.slowly some learned the moves by discussing, some learned by standing and hearing👂🏼 others discuss.♡after 1 month some more set of chess were brought in our hostel. ♧And the hostel became like a chess tournament🎽 .more sets of chess were brought.
    ¤Than a time came that out of 50 all we friends started playing chess.
    Fun fact: who started the game were far behind in ranking as🤣 more good player were evolving💪🏻.(*difficult to explain by writing*)

  11. my ranking is currently on a rock nd roll ride. from 1700 to 1500 then again 1600 and so on…….

  12. Ivan the terrible is not his name.🤣😂
    It’s a title that was given to him later.

  13. 'Chess is Sexy Game – Magnus Carlson'

  14. India is filled with problems and we are happy because chess is popular 🤡

  15. I'm in grand master lvl. Haven't won once but lost hundreds of times. GM are special breed.

  16. 6:42 "Why we are not able to dominate in a game which was originated in our country"
    England: First time?

  17. Bhai tu married hai???🫡

    Ek or yodha kurbaan hogaya😅😜😜

  18. Married ka baad saab kwal bed par hota hain

  19. Shaadi shudaa hoke bhi RUSSIANS ki baatein … hmmmm.. 🌝🌝

  20. I myself started playing chess on a regular basis now after watch samay raina's videos……Like i know how to play chess since my childhood but never had an interest but now i am gaining interst in chess,game which was invented in India 🇮🇳 ❤️

  21. Privyet!! The Kazakhs took Gold this time.

  22. Modern day samay raina promoting chess…. This man is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. चेस को चेस ना बोले हिंदी मे हम चतुरंग बोल सकते है| अपने खेल का नाम अपनी भाषा मे होना चाहीये

  24. I have just started chess but I like it very much❤️🇮🇳

  25. Thank You Samay Raina and Sagar Shah for Introducing me to Chess

  26. YouTubers in India will have a shortage of content on Chess game
    But you are genius guy

  27. বাংলাদেশের মাকে চুদেও আরাম 🌚 says:

    You're another MC follower of modi! Ran

  28. Boring lgta hai mujhe😅 bss Online khela hai. Good to know this All.

  29. How do you get so much of knowledge about so many topics ?

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