How I Gained 1700 ELO in 1 Year

I wanted to share my chess journey and explain the basic tricks that I used to improve.

Clips used in this video:

Ride of The Valkyries
Strong And Strike – Naruto
Bear McCreary РGod of War Ragnar̦k


  1. Me and my friend started playing chess at the same time just to mess around, at first we were doing stupid stuff like 15 second 3 check and stuff like that, but then one day I lost like 10 rapid games in a row, so I made him a promise that one day, I wouldn't beat him just 10 times in a row, but infinite times in a rowI'm 2400 now and friends with multiple FM's, NM's, IM's, and one GMMy friend no longer likes playing me because I shit on him too muchCrap…

  2. you are doing great and you will be a grandmaster one day

  3. best vid I've seen from someone with less than 200 subs, will sub at GM level

  4. you've earned a sub! can't wait to see you at grandmaster level 🙂

  5. Great video,it just kept me all the way to the end. Please Make more content..

    I am 1425-75 and want to get 1500.

    Any other tips?

  6. that list is untrue 1700 is a advanced(decent plauyer

  7. Like or Dislike: Dislike. The content fails to live up to the promise of the title. Half the video is about the first game and useless, and there's no practical advice at any point thereafter. Game analysis? Theory? Drills? This video has entertainment value, but it's not helping anyone reach 1700.

  8. I thought you would give realistic advice like cheating.

  9. the smothered mateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. very well made video you deserve more than 200 subs for sure

  11. Another sub for your Journey yo? 😉

  12. wow u have so much potential see you at the top someday

  13. Underrated YouTuber + very entertaining video

    +1 subscriber

  14. Great video and I subscribed! I’m on my journey to 1000.

  15. Man I thought you would have like 500k subs not joking. This is quality

  16. goodluck! i hope you gotten your goal! im subbed!!!

  17. I did the same in 1 year and people accused me of being a cheater…oh well.

  18. you earned a sub
    and, i have a question

    i do play well against 1100-1300 elo bots but i find it really hard when i play online with opponents of elos 450-600 💀

  19. keep going man, your video was really entertaining to watch

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