How I Gained 1700 ELO in 1 Year

I wanted to share my chess journey and explain the basic tricks that I used to improve.

Clips used in this video:

Ride of The Valkyries
Strong And Strike – Naruto
Bear McCreary – God of War Ragnarök


  1. "Secret Trick (Doesn't vibrate)"  
    This one had me dying lmao 😆

  2. only 500 SUBS?!?! Youll get 100k one day keep up the hard work!

  3. This man got to 1700 elo with a smother mate oh Lord !

  4. Ok this is a unique video content
    This is firee
    +1 subscriber

  5. Damn been playing for years and I am at 1500. Still good but 1700 in a year makes me jealous. Im mad now, time to get my revenge.

  6. well i got 1600 in 369 days (this Sunday)

  7. I gained 2000 in just 1 click.

    (Telling my trick at 15 Likes.)

  8. You know what, I gained 1900+ in just 5 months.

  9. Proud to be your 900th Sub. You're 90% of the way towards your goal. Awesome video and congrats on the progress.

  10. The best chess video I've seen in a long time

  11. 974th and 69th comment, definitely reaching 1000 subs soon. GL

  12. Imagine finding
    "Im 500 elo i beat mittens"

  13. W jokes and W video you just gained a new sub

  14. This could be something wrong, but when i looked up ur account u were about 1500 rapid rating and joined at a different time than it is shown. Also, the ratings of the players in your completed games are too of completely different ratings. Care to comment?

  15. Super awesome video. Im personaly myself 1200 elo, but I would like to try play a strong player like you in an 1v1.

  16. I am personally rated 1200 right now and it only been 4 month that a started playing chess I know that it might seem crazy but my goal is to be 2000 after 1 year of playing chess.

  17. Epic video, you’ve already reached 1k but I still subbed 🙂

  18. Was 2200, now 1700, thank you so much for the tips!

  19. jokes on you i got to 1700 rating in 6 months (dont take this srsly)

  20. I can't believe I watched this video for you to say "it clicked" wow great advice.

  21. I was expecting a stalemate with that first game aha.

  22. Bro normal beginner is like 500 or 600 lol , 1200-1300 is Intermediate level 1500 very high for normal human

  23. My man im 1438 and im in 97th percentile

  24. good vid got me from 3000 elo to 1700 100% recommend

  25. Im stuck at 700 and my games are no where near as bad as the one you showed

  26. 0:14 the guy who made that was 2251 elo and really sucks at grading others

  27. at the start i though he was gonna say i scoured the internet to see how long he'd been in power 💀

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