How humans made Chess

Chess is a game I have never been very good at, but it is fused with the story of humanity. I am a sucker for a beautiful chess set, so when designing the EisenCo Chessmen (featured all over the video) I did what I do best, steal from history. This video details all of that, and includes some great anecdotes from all over the world!

Reading List
– “Masterworks: Rare and Beautiful Chess Sets of the World”
– “Birth of the Chess Queen, a History” by Marilyn Yalom
– “A Method of Lighting the Stage” by Stanley McCandless
– “Thud!” by Terry Pratchett

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  1. While learning about chess was already interesting enough, learning about the thought process of even making it a topic was surprisingly fascinating!

  2. Everyone drop your favourite chess sets in the comments mines the Mario chess set

  3. I now know more about the history of chess than I do about the game itself, thank you

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