History of Chess


  1. really uncivilized is that a joke we built a fucking marble palace and irrigated dry desert places invented the number zero and made many other advances

  2. I like how 99% of the people in the comments are ignoring the fact that the word "supposedly" was before "uncivilized"

  3. You ruined the whole thing when you said uncivilised India you must know INDIA was the first civilised civilisation and our Indian culture and society is much beyond you people understanding.

  4. To all of you writing so eloquently about how offended you are that she insulted India, I would say that it's a shame that you didn't put your writing vocabulary and grammar into as good of use when you listened as when you wrote; listen and understand what she says. Listen to the words, and understand the meaning.

    She says this: "from the supposedly uncivilized world of India developed a game that would cross continents and become a modern pastime for all to enjoy"

    She is not insulting India. She is PRAISING India. "From the supposedly uncivilized world of India" means that chess was developed in ancient times in India, when it was SUPPOSEDLY uncivilized (meaning that some people might think of it as such, yet they developed great things like the predecessor of chess). The rest of her sentence means that India brought something from many years ago, and many miles away, for us all to enjoy, even this far away in distance and in time.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves to reduce yourselves to hateful slander when you yourselves didn't bother to listen and comprehend, even when she spoke about a country that you seemingly hold in high esteem.

  5. Chess! It includes a king, queen, 2 rooks, 2nights, 2bishops, and 8 pawns. plus the other pieces!😐

  6. i don't think anyone would say india is uncivilized, they're one of the richest and most ancient cultures on the planet

  7. These people crazy. are you guys serious.. giving false information .on
    chess history.. so so sad.. NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW WHO INVENTED CHESS…
    you need to see the great Pyramid and its drawings of the chess which
    is about 10s of thousand years old… please check your facts first
    before posting false info… thanks …

  8. If you include for chess precursors the element of chance (dice), then you could go back to an ancient Egyptian board game involving dice, as well as other ancient dice games.  Instead, Chaturanga should be your precursor if you want to claim Indian origin.  There's also a case to be made for chess precursors being from China, in the game of Go.  But in general, all signs point  to chess precursors being from India.  However, the modern form of chess was invented in medieval Europe, and perfected (the final rules as we know them today) in the 19th century.

  9. Chess was invented in Persia because all the pieces and rules were set by Persians.

  10. Everyone has got stuck on their misinterpretation of her one passing comment, but no-one has stopped to ask why the Queen becomes the most powerful piece on the chess board.

  11. At 4:52 and 6:12, the board is oriented incorrectly. It makes me question other claims in the video. 🙂

  12. Screw Persia. They stole Hindu numbers from India and tried to take credit for it

  13. If it isn't a myth, according to you, chess was invented in sri lanka right? By Ravana of lanka?
    By the way it's not civilized at all to call India 'uncivilized'!

  14. I'm not indian but why do white claim everything, I'm sure half of the inventions the whites show to the world are probably stolen due to colonization

  15. A lot of Indian zealots here that either can't comprehend simple English or are just ignorant. Either way, attacking the narrator as a result of your own ignorance is nothing to be proud of.

  16. Western shit is ROMANticized, while eastern inventions are uncivilized are based on pure chance. History needs to be rewritten!

  17. Forgot about how kings would use the game with real people battling , it was how the kingdoms would choose there main warriors, they also did it with slaves. Just like the first tennis racket was made to repel stones, and the first golf club was designed to hit explosives at enemy camps..all the games are derived from war senereos.

  18. Good video but what the heck was with pranking me with beethoven at the end?

  19. Reading these uncivilised comments is giving me a headache.
    So many people seem to not understand English or common phrases. I am surprised because in their comments they seem to write good English, but they do not understand English. I think they have never read English literature, their only English is in comments and chatting on the internet. Here is a lesson for you:
    When you put "supposedly" before something you are actually criticising the opinion that follows. You are saying it is not your view, and that it is contradicted by evidence. For example if the quietest boy in school, who people tease and think is stupid, were to beat everyone in the school chess tournament some people might say "This supposedly stupid boy just beat you all at chess". It means "in your opinion he was stupid, but he has proven you wrong".
    When a mongoose beats a King Cobra in a fight many people are surprised. You could say "This supposedly small, helpless little animal just ate the King Cobra's tail for breakfast". It means the animal is not a helpless, he contradicted his "supposed" attributes.
    I probably give too many examples but let's just be clear here, one more. Whale sharks are big, they are a shark, and many people are scared of them but in fact you can swim with you and they won't hurt you. You could say "We just got in the water and swam, without any injuries, with this supposedly vicious whale shark".
    The key word "supposedly" mocks what comes after it, it opposes what comes after it.
    When she says "supposedly uncivilised India" she is trying to say that many people maybe don't think India was civilised BUT in fact they invented this game we all play thousands of years ago and it shows they are more civilised than we think and maybe more civilised than us. She is giving India a compliment, she is actually FIGHTING against perceptions and opinions which are negative about India. And yet the comments sections is pages and pages of offended Indians who don't understand. I hope this helps some people understand a little better.

  20. "supposed uncivilized".
    You did not pay attention to pronunciation.

  21. I have ever read in a book that the chess game was found in India. Not! invented. They don't now the source where the game is coming from, step by step its advanced, but not invented.

  22. The time when we invented chess at that time Europeans and Arabs killing each other they were tribes roaming across there continent and Europe was in its dark ages

  23. The Chinese will always say everything originated from China. No matter what it is you're talking about, they will say it originated from China. Every. Thing.

  24. this 4 people and roll of dice is a different game, called "dyuta" or gamble. That board had 4 arms, like plus sign. 4 arms translate into sanskritam as chatur-anga or "chaduranga" (chaturanga is wrong) based on sandhi grammar rules. This was mistaken belief of a white "scholar", but has been perpetuated continuously. In reality, chanduranga was 4 types of troops the king had on his disposal – elephant (rook), horse (knight), chariot (bishop) and infantry (pawn). Queen is the "minister". The story prevalent (and I can't find the origin or any description written, just the folklore) is that asura soldiers under Ravan often grew restless and fought among themselves. So Mandodari (Ravana's wife) invented this war game so that they kept engaged.

  25. Persians invented chess then they introduced it to Europe By then played by priest afterwards it spred to the world.

  26. The first chess books were written by Arabs

  27. It is is totally shameful of you telling India as uncivilized. India was the most sophisticated and developed country of the world. Here invented the world known trigonometry, algebra and value of pi [π] , aryabhat told the radius of earth just by calculating lengths of shadows of poles,worlds first surgery was done here. Persians looted India for more than 400 years but can't fully steal whole wealth of India. India was the most rich place known to world. Even when Christopher Columbus found America he thought he reached india and named the natives as red indians

  28. The whites always stole the credit of others work as there's .they were able to do this because of colonisation

  29. Everyone get up off your lazy asses and read HJR Murray's book. The definitive, unquestionable work on the history of the game. YT chess history vids are for ignorant patzers.

  30. Chess is an european game BUT it's also an variant of a game which is originated from somewhere in asia, maybe Persia, Mesopotamie, India, China. We don't know

  31. Let them call us Uncivilized!! yes, when you look India when the british left, it was damn poor, underdeveloped… The proof of our wealth, heritage, culture, intellectual abilities, prosperity, is evident from there own action, looted everything, see the number of foreign rulers this motherland has withstood, This country, Bharat /Hindustan/India/Mahabharat, was messed up for grabbing what we had in plenty. The British, French, Dutch, Arabs, Mughal, Persians, Portugese, spanish, Greeks, Romans – who hasn't come to india – either for trade or war or to learn. Everybody that people define as the most civilized has come to india, they have gathered all they can. It includes everything – fundamentals of farming, agriculture, society, yoga, medicine, ayurveda, space- astronomy, astrology, vedic mathematics, democracy, secularism, religion, science, chess, math, language, literature… All have taken the wealth leaving India poor. So let them define us uncivilized because thats the only way they can feel good about themselves. I as indian won't forget the past, so should all indians.

  32. Small correction it belong to tamilan. "Chadurangam " it's tamil word not sanskrit. Lord RAvana mother tongue also tamil truth always hard to digest .tamil valga 👍

  33. And then in the mid 21st century, computer AI solves the game. We then all stop playing chess and move to snakes and ladders

  34. I thought that chess invented by sofronio pasola jr

  35. Actually word SUPPOSEDLY UNCIVILIZED has been used deliberately as a sarcasm to those who decimate india as a perpetual backward society especially colonial powers…..

  36. Pro Tip guys. Don’t start online arguments or get offended by things said in languages you aren’t fluent in. It’s weird how people don’t even consider that they may have misinterpreted something in a language they barely speak. How arrogant. XD

  37. Da Fuck is up with them flutes in the background tho?

  38. "supposedly uncivilized India". What makes India less civilized than other places in ancient times! now if your opinion is that "supposedly" civilized people is just a recent phenomena then maybe you're right, but I don't think so and I've never heard of such claim.

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