History of Chess


  1. Most who watched this video does not understand english.Also their idiots understanding that she said indians "supposedly" uncivilized.

  2. I jave a boy scoit thing and i neede this. Thanks

  3. Supposedly uncivilized. Implying at that point in history people believed them to be uncivilized. Supposedly means sarcastically that she doesn't agree with the statement that India was uncivilized when they started an idea for a masterpiece game that would stand the test of time. That's all. Go do some yoga and get your chakras in order instead of resulting to hate.

  4. Ok im indian ……many people kinda think we are assholes and they are kinda right ….. So basically many people have seen videos of people in INDIA shitting on roads and stuff thats not true ok….its a really civilized country not much as you westerners but wer not AFRICA….we do have lots of technology and wer one of the only countries with a space program ISRO ….and theres an argument going on about how the woman said "supposedly UNCIVILIZED"… Let me explain……..india has a population of 1.3 billion and thats a lot …..the problem is not all of them recieve education….as they dont recieve education they dont understand family planning and stuff…………….the other reason is POLITICIANS – I HAVE TO AGREE INDIA IS ONE OF THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY IN THE WORLD – …..and theres poverty……this is all a cycle even the western countries underwent this cycle of turning from bad to good about a 100 years ago….and we are going through this cycle now….our cycle was postponed by colonization… But i dont blame them what happened has happened you cant change that and the indians who are reading this stop giving excuses " ohhh we wer colonized and stuff and get to work thats the only way you can change a country " (btw some indians are areally fucking patriotic ……and thats annoying like i saw a guy below me with a smiley icon…..acknowledge the facts and fucking move on ) but to tell the truth westerners really think indians as interior to them……and thats bad maybe you'll want to correct it @tosgem

  5. นอง เสียงหล่อ says:

    Nowadays, The pieces are called:
    1. Pawn
    2. Rook
    3. Knight
    4. Bishop
    5. King
    6. Queen

  6. นอง เสียงหล่อ says:

    The first time pawn move, they can move 1 or 2 squares. It captures diagonally.

  7. นอง เสียงหล่อ says:

    Rook can only move up, down, or sideways.

  8. นอง เสียงหล่อ says:

    Knight move in the shape of an L.

  9. นอง เสียงหล่อ says:

    Bishop can only move diagonally.

  10. นอง เสียงหล่อ says:

    Queen can go both straight and diagonally.

  11. นอง เสียงหล่อ says:

    King can move 1 space in any direction. King shoudn't get captured. But if he may be captured in the next move, it's a checkmate.

  12. นอง เสียงหล่อ says:

    So be careful, Protect your king.

  13. นอง เสียงหล่อ says:

    I have a magnetic set of chess.

  14. This game was invented in india but not by hindu gods. there is a whole story about it

  15. That original 4 player version of chess with the d&d dice looks like fun.

  16. Don’t get hung up on the uncivilized part people.

  17. Lol..funny, all this talk of origination and confusions.. And Now Chess Huh?? Watch the link below for the truth and do your research..The Elephant in the room syndrome: The TRUE source of Math, Science, Metaphysics, Astrology, Sacred Geometry, Mysticism, Arts, Alchemy, Architecture and High Civilisation was all in lands the world loves to exclude from the conversations. ALL modern day religions have been crafted and manipulated from the Nile Valley civilisations.. Ethiopia – Egypt. Yes including 'Hinduism' Come on people, lets stop playing games, lets teach the children the truth..this is Humanity's Truth..not just for the pre-programmed inferiority and superiority complexes of the last millennia Empires.
    It's wake up and Truth time. Not a race war..This is a war on consciousness we are all experiencing.


  18. the queen was originally a male character, such as General, vizier or, just some male warrior, I believe.

  19. Chess was invented by the Finnish – who intern invented Hinduism in 9237 B.C.
    In the great Finnish Empire which spread from Helsinki to Lisbon and Atlantis on the former Balkan island of Kashoje Ostrovo

  20. I think Chees Is Came From Iran but But has been completed in India
    Because a chessboard and strange seal of founded in Iran, it is kept at the New York Museum

  21. I wanted to see what nerds say on youtube. im not disappointed

  22. India is uncivilized. It’s a dump. Why do you think they all come over to America as illegals to enjoys all of our pleasures, while taking them away from real Americans?

  23. I say the origin started from India but the game was evolved by the worlds different regions without it would not have been fun to play

  24. You can also play chess on croatian flag,u forgot to mention that 😀

  25. You call the cradle of civilization supposedly uncivilized??

  26. https://youtu.be/GaXrMuetu2Y?t=262 New Information Chess may belong to the Tamils as this new excavation dates back to 2600 at KEEZHADI near MADRAS reveals the games is played in much earlier days by the Tamils commonly. Please watch the entire video link it might help to understand. Its not invented by a mythological subject.

  27. Lol wht ' uncivilise' lol…. Good video and voice but bad ending

  28. Ravana? He fucking did not invent. He loved it playing. Even older by unknown years.

  29. No wonder everytime i play online its always some indian

  30. Good game …but is one but why do not playing other chess variants …10×10 (square);12*12;…16*16 (yes it's longer) so and others only 64square game

  31. Very nicely done, and the selected images are exceptional!
    There are a number of assertions here that are more myth (or mistake) than fact, so please do go on to more informed sources for a modern view. AWorldofChess.com

  32. double negative of 'suppossedly uncivilized' has a negative connotation. There wasnt any need to add those extra words, they only serve to reinforce the sterotype that people view india as uncivilized. It wouldve been much better to just say india. I totally see why its offensive.
    I dont care if she was criticizing that view. There was no need to bring it up, just call india india. Dont call it 'supposedly uncivilized'. It is actually offensive if you dig into the roots of why/how india has gotten to the place it is in currently. (british empire)

  33. Chess is Persian. "Chess" is a derivation of Shah in Persian. Also most of the chess terms are Persian. Murray believes chess is most probably Persian not Indian.

  34. It was not an ''uncivilized India' as mentioned in concluding remarks. It was growing at its own pace keeping balance of its culture and economy.
    The 'supposedly ' is still not justifying it.

  35. Kash hame bhi koi 4 baje uth ke chess shikhaye…😂😂😂….Saini ji be like shut up and let me sleep…😎😎😋

  36. Uncivilzed part of India. ? You must be crazy right ? India is one of the cradles of civilization back when Europe was in rags

  37. ‎כ7ياه£&٦grhעןننلف Psyfuck ؟؟ says:

    so much support. brain dead. real people dont join cra. ask your "master"…. whats your definition for " master"? Do you like mind controlling people? i roll with the angels from below, there's no angels whispering in your ear. do you like playing wirh electricity? Russian roulette 1-6

  38. कौटिल्य धूत षडयंत्र (वास्तविक शतरंज) says:

    Yes. Shadyantra was invented in India and Shri Lanka by Raavans uncle named Agasthya because ShriLanka was part of india 8800 yrs back.. Shadyantra is based on 10×10 board called Dashpaad. Chaturanga was evolved from Shadyantra in 200 BC after it was latter was banned. And yes Chaturanga was played on 8×8 board..

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