History of Chess – Chess Documentary – From the Origins of Chess till Today

The history of chess is a chess documentary about the enchanting and mystical journey of chess from India to Europe, passing through all of Asia and America. This chess documentary starts from chess origins in India as Chaturanga. Chess went through several amendments before reaching its final set of rules. Several chess world champions have battled in the history of chess. Legendary world chess champions from the past are still considered legends till our days: Paul Morphy, Bobby Fischer, Mikhail Tal, Garry Kasparov. Until today, with the legend in the making Magnus Carlsen.

Arabs brought an older version of chess, developed from Chaturanga, to Europe around 1000 years ago. In Southern Europe the game reached high level of popularity and slowly it was exported to the rest of the continent. Over the centuries, the rules of chess were changed and the chess board became more similar to today’s one. During the Middle Ages, regardless of the social classes, age or nationalities, everyone knew the rules of this game and a few combinations. Starting from the 19th century, chess was considered a professional sport and soon legendary players took the scene. Above all, Paul Morphy with his short but epic career as a chess player. In the 20th century, chess reached its peak thanks to eminent players like Capablanca and Alekhine or the immense geniality of Mikhail Tal. The cold war also helped the diffusion of chess bringing the Match of Century in every house of the globe: in 1972 the Russian Spassky played against, arguably, the greatest chess innovator ever, the American Bobby Fischer. More recently, the scene has been catalyzed by two notable players Garry Kasparov, retired but still considered by the majority of chess experts as the greatest ever, and the legend-in-the-making Magnus Carlsen, who had achieved the highest rating in the history of chess smashing record after record.
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  1. We hope you really enjoyed this video and we would like to hear from you commenting below. Who is/are your favorite chess player(s)?😀😀😀😀😀

  2. Bro just came here through your comment but this channel is great and is sure to reach great heights.

  3. You never mentioned Ruy López neither Greco.

  4. Elephants became rooks, chariots became bishops, as this video documents.

  5. Very interesting video! I’m doing a similar analysis of board games. Do you have a source list?

  6. Nice video! Just a little nitpick: at 1:03, when you castle you have to move your King first. If you move your rook first, then you've only made a Rook move, and your turn is over.

  7. Chess was invented by Persians, Chataranga is a different game completely and has nothing to do with chess. As Persians also invented checkers and backgammons, they are surely the inventor of the real chess.

  8. Wonderful video.Keep it up.Well researched right on the button.❤️

  9. From 1960 – 2000 is considered a golden era of chess

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