History of Chess (2013)

The story of King Iadava and how the game of chess was born.


  1. Oh I did learn that wheat thing in a story once, but it was about grains of rice. That was back in the 5th grade

  2. The "English" chess board consists of 64 squares, or 8 squares X 8 squares. The chess board is also consistent with the Chinese Xiangi game board which also has 64 squares, and also 8 X 8, but the Chinese game board has a little more, it has a "river" which is an empty row dividing the board into two sides.

    So what are the odds that chess game has two distinguishing pieces exactly like in Chinese Xiangi game, the knight (horse) and rook (chariot) and the 64-square board? Only idiots still can't see their connections.

    64 is the total number of Chinese I-Ching hexagrams. Each hexagram consists of 8 lines. Each line is a polarity. I-Ching is an ancient Chinese book based on Ying Yang principle which says pretty much everything in this universe is consisted of two polarities or two sides.

    The Chinese game of Go is proven to be oldest board game in the world, much older than Xiangi and chess, at least according to archeological discoveries and literary evidences so far. Chinese Go game has a square board consists of black and white color pieces (remember I-Ching talks about two polarities? And notice chess board has two colors?), the Go game board concept was later used for Chinese Xiangi game, and later in English chess game.

    Go game started out with a small board, at one time had 64 squares or 8X8, later its board expand to larger size with many more squares like the one used today.

  3. Knight piece is not the only chess piece that moves in a pattern resembling Chinese written characters, the "rook" is another chess piece resembles the Chinese written character, in this instance for chariot.

    The rook piece in chess is an ancient castle, as we all know castles can't move, they're stationary buildings made of heavy rocks and stones. The rook is actually the chariot which ran on wheels pulled mostly by horses and oxes then. The Chinese Xiangi game has two chariot pieces in starting positions at most left and most right, exactly where the two rooks are in chess.

    Look at these ancient Chinese written characters for chariot then you know why the rook is actually chariot and moves in straight vertical or horizontal line: http://www.uchinavisa.com/image-files/chinese-characters1.jpg

    In this image the bottom row of Chinese written characters is for the object chariot, the one on most left was earliest form which dated thousands of years older than chess, the one on the most right is used today. As we can see they're made of vertical and horizontal lines which how chariot pieces move in Chinese Xiangi game and "English" chess game.

    Now we have two chess pieces are proven to be originated from Chinese Xiangi game.

  4. If you have a hanging piece don't add a defender just move the piece

  5. Please lose the flu before recording voice 🙂

  6. Indians are the inventors of chess. It has been proven repeatedly. Arabs just brought them westwards after learning it. Just like the concept of numbers and 0 and other things.

    Why can't people learn before posting such videos?

  7. What a beautiful story of the origin of chess.

  8. You have a flu why did you do the narrating

  9. the chess as we know it today its from Spain, its an evolution of others games but wen you say the word chess you speak about the Spanish game. A car and a carriage arent the same so the modern chess its a Spanish invention or evolution (call it how you want) based in other games form Asia, specially from India. xiangqi, shōgi, makruk, chaturanga, etc.

  10. These people crazy. are you guys serious.. giving false information .on chess history.. so so sad.. NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW WHO INVENTED CHESS… you need to see the great Pyramid and its drawings of the chess which is about 10s of thousand years old… please check your facts first before posting false info… and STOP with your story telling and check facts …..thanks …

  11. The chess Game is too advance for their time…so stop with your crazy stories … thanks

  12. Let me settle this crazy debate once and for all:

    1) The board along with the piece "King" are absolutely Indian.
    2) Other pieces as well as the rules of the game are said to be Persian

    Good?! Now go back to study!

  13. chess was used in the war as a code breaker i am from the cold war era and i am still here now

  14. Loved it thank you for sharing the video😍

  15. Whoever invented chess is such a uncontested player

  16. elepants are not native to iran only thing that is found in iran is a donkey. ergo they invented no shit. chess is invented in india

  17. The greatest player of chess was shakuni in mahabharata… Read bhagwad gita in that it is mentioned clearly .. Which was around 1700 years back…That means it was invented before lord buddha.. N not by Arabs… Chakravartin samrat ashoka was also a great chess player

  18. Again with the goddamned chessboard and grain of rice story??? It's a silly myth, stop calling your pollution "chess history." Chess history patzers, attaching their unentertaining BS to the mythical origin of chess. Fkg sick of it.

  19. I came here because the world chess championship in 2018…

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