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In this video, you will get to know about the history of chess and how the name chess came into existence.
We have played chess many time, but have you ever try to know the history and facts behind the famous game chess.
Earlier in epic Mahabharata Yudhisthir and Duryodhan played chopat.
After this, chopat was played by many kings and they found it addictive.
In the game of chopat, the one who wins the game feels himself very lucky and the one who loses the game had to pay all is properties and money to the opposite king.
But after sometime, the king of Magadha feels the game of gambling to be boring and wants a new game which would be very additive and had a flavour of entertainment.
A brahmin named Sisa made a game on 8*8 board and named the game chaturanga.
There are a lot of versions of the chess board including 6*6 , 10*10, citadel version and finally 8*8 version chessboard satisfies our all requirements.
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