History facts your teacher doesn’t tell you about, part 1. #shorts

Delve into intriguing historical facts rarely taught in classrooms. Discover secret societies, forgotten heroes, and lesser-known events that shaped our world. Join us as we unveil fascinating narratives that will expand your understanding of the past and challenge conventional knowledge. Prepare to be amazed! #history #interesting #facts #interestingfacts #knowledge #historyfacts


  1. I'm a direct descendant of Eric the Red

  2. Omg, Leif Erickson and Christopher Columbus didn't discover "the new world." It already had people in it; they were already here, meaning they "discovered" it. But the idea is that some white people found it has to be perpetual, or the united states government might lose its credibility. Even this video gets it wrong… When, when are you all going to stop whitewashing history and talk about the thousands of year's of civilization in the Americas before the white man came and took it over.

  3. Can't discover it if people already live there…

  4. How could he discover a land already populated?

  5. The Vikings were first, the melungeons were second. And while Columbus was third, the reason we know him is, he was the first to return.

  6. There’s strong evidence that the ancient Chinese actually visited North America before the saxons.

  7. That's a lie about the Vikings discovering America first. The Africans were here first. Go read about the African statues in Mexico!

  8. Also about what they won't teach you about history:
    The US government killed at least 10, 000 people with poisoned booze during prohibition.

  9. What about the Africans that discovered America, 4500 to 9500 years before the Vikings

  10. I was, in fact, told by my teacher about Leif Erikson, but wouldn't the indigenous people who are believed to have first arrived in the Americas during the last glaciation period, which occurred around 15,000 years ago be credited with discovering the Americas?

  11. I hate when people say America was discovered… it's not like it was a big empty continent. There were people already here.


  13. No, Leif was second, following St. Brendan

  14. The only thing thats true was the beer dumping..

  15. Despuchi Americano discovered America I butcher his name but it's why it called America and yes viking found America first but the Italian that came first was Americano then Columbus

  16. But I thought the Olympic games also included sexual activities, such as anal sex!

  17. "Leif" is pronounced "Leyph"
    Now you know.

  18. And the Vikings had no interest in killing off the natives.

  19. So you saying Columbus Day is actually Leif Ericsson day

  20. If we gonna be learning unless things in school why not learn all of it why they pick and chose

  21. Vikings were not the first ones here. 💯

  22. Some discovered this land before Leif Ericsson because people were already here. 🤔🧐🧐🧐

  23. EdmondEnterprises Group Holdings Inc. says:

    Someone does not know their history

  24. Prohibition was really about standard oil having a monopoly. Once the alcohol stations for cars that ran on alcohol went bankrupt, prohibition was over.

  25. You forgot to mention Columbus did NOT discover America

  26. Lief Erickson is absolutely taught in school

  27. Hui Shan from China was in California before Lief Erricson hit North America. Maybe a lot of others. Ancient Chinese anchors have been discovered all along the California coast.

  28. Your history teacher SHOULDN'T tell any of these except that Columbus didn't find shit.

  29. Bullshit lies. Corn, tomatoes and chocolate come from Mexico. Eric did not introduce even a maple leaf to Europe. Only Spain brought back the gold. Eric nothing.

  30. Prohibition came about from religious zealots from the temperance league being in everyone's business. Kind of what they're doing now with books.

  31. Africans and Persian were there before Vikings

  32. I'm surprised that some of these facts arent that the Republican party was founded to stop slavery, and that a Democrat started the KKK.

  33. The vikings nor Columbus didn't "discover" the americas as there were civilisations of peoples living there for 1000s of years

  34. 1.5 millions barrels of beer consumed with a fraction of the population, which makes it all the crazier

  35. Also, Sparta was gay. Maybe some bi cases. But all gay. Straight sex was only used for marriage and keeping the population high. Brides were to dress with armor and short hair to resemble a man so the husband could fuck her without feeling disgusted. Military was mandatory since 12 and lasted 20 years at minimum, and older men were turned into commanders. They were such an effective military force because they literally fought alongside their love ones. The kicker? Spartans were only defeated thanks to another gay society's military force, the Sacred Band of Thebes.
    Have a noice day. 😊

  36. Lincoln was a racist, and 12 American Presidents were slave owners are two more

  37. Africans discovered America, and where here before the land mass split into separate continents. Quit lying

  38. If you read the horrible history books by Terry deary you learn these and lots of other gory bits that don't get taught at school I remember they used to be my favourite books

  39. Yeah but black Africans we're already in America before he landed

  40. Actually native Americans did.

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