Really. It’s a secret talent. Not much more to say. Bongcloud speedrun redux part 11.

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  1. Damn that intro is addictive…. Double damn, it just keeps getting better 🔥

  2. In the thumbnail we can see the wild spider hikaru

  3. Can someone explain why the Magnus comment from chat is funny

  4. Hikaru: playing chess out of this world while talking about qatar
    Chat: are u trying to say guitar?

  5. Just started playing chess with my dad. Loving the game and enjoy watching this channel. But I'll never beat my dad.

  6. I actually love the intro sometimes just rewatch it hahaha

  7. Crest64 Sergey Shipov respects you a lot and says that all the time during his streams! Calls u Hikarushka (endung ushka is used as a tender way to address beloved children in Russia). When you beat him u both streamed and he very heartily congratulated you! But some freak told you that Crest disrespects u etc… Thats total bullshit! He admires and praises you all the time!

  8. Please don't leave out your stream chat from these videos 😣

  9. Get your facts straight Hikaru, the official languages in Belgium are (in random order) Dutch, French and German.

  10. Why does that sound like me doing my morning bathroom ritual

  11. Does hikaru actually smoke? I’d love for him to take a rip before doing a speedrun.

  12. Guys, pls can you tell what the type of drink is it? And the name of the title just because of the chess opening or not? Subscribed not too lang ago, so I dont understand all the memes around that.

  13. Thumbnail is so painful to be seen, becoz everything is double except the nose😭😂

  14. lol im from Belgium and we also speak French 🙂

  15. Hikaru plays so well so effortlessly man 🤣

  16. "I wish I were better at chess"
    Hikaru Nakamura

  17. Me: Mom, can we get castling?
    Mom: We already have castling at home.

    Castling at home: 0:52

  18. Sometimes I just stop by to listen to the music in Hikaru's videos. I would totally appreciate if you guys shared the names of the artists

  19. Thumbnail: something interesting and click-baity
    Actual content: just hikaru playing chess
    Me: that’s okay too

  20. Na dnie oceanu żyją ru-ru-ru-ru-rurkowce – JKM

  21. Math police here. He needed just 72 wins straight in order to get back to a 99% win rate.

  22. Ogni giorno che passa sta intro diventa sempre migliore

  23. 3:40 I know I should just go along with it, but having watched too many meme react videos, I'm not sure if 'Flemish' was a joke or not

  24. "I don't really speak Japanese."
    Weebs have left the chat.

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