Hikaru’s Mind is Blown by AlphaZero and Chess Variants

Google’s DeepMind team ran AlphaZero on a bunch of chess variants- watch Hikaru as he tries to wrap his 5head around it. Original video here:

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  1. Castling was not added to chess until the 15th century and did not develop into its present form until the 17th century.
    It is WE who are playing a chess variant

  2. Tamerlane Chess is awesome. Nobody plays it and there's only one shitty app out there for it. It's a historical variant from medieval persia, and I hope it makes a comeback.

  3. Stalemate should be a win FOR THE PERSON THAT WAS STALEMATED not for the "winner" because it's always a goal when you are losing to get stalemated and you should get a full point for it. Just my idea.

  4. I need classsical chess, because, i am not that good as you are. in blitz i cant even think properly.

  5. Sideway pawn did not nerf everything else. Pawns just became more valuable and since pawn is always 1 point as a baseline 2 pawns are more valuable as a knight.

  6. If you cheat online Danny Rensch comes and kicks your shit, then takes you to chess prison?

  7. @UCP8LUoSLmT8IjwDsK8OKmDw



    fog of war: a variant you played with an opponent whose board was invisible, it's a variant with incomplete information like schrodinger chess. what i don't like about those variants is they have no good way of showing the board to an audience , and thus they could ( but don't) show both boards , one for each player. if you want to kepp the 'invisible' piece incomplete information theme going, you can structure a variant quite nicely. on any given move, i emailed it to you, called invisible chess, where a pieces moves are revealed only after its had an effect on another piece such as capture and check, (including one's own such as castling , promotion, or blocking a check) . the real complexity comes with how to treat invisible pieces for the purpose of blocking other oponents pieces moves or one's own pieces moves. i would venture to say that an invisible piece should not do that, and that a phantom piece ( the piece that has moved an is invisible ) should be more complex in its treatment. because the phantom piece is not eliminated until the invisible piece that is its 'projection' itself is revealed. so until an invisible piece is revealed , the phantom piece remains to have 'phantom effects' on the board. it can longer be moved, but does it block moves of ones own pieces or opponents? what are its influneces on blocking check? and passively threatening check or even check mate? i think a phantom piece should have all conventional piece effects until it is captured. if a phantom piece is captured, then the invisible piece is revealed. —– in my proposed variant on chess with incomplete information, the audience can have a cross hatch red color for invisible pieces and a polkadot red color for phantoms. obviously this can only be played digitally, but incomplete informatoin chess boards are very very cool variants. i'm not really interested in variant of complete information, because they are all just fundamentally different versions of the same game, with different boards, and different piece moves or even piece 'abilities' . in phantom chess, the ability of 'visibility' is the one that introduces incomplete information, rather than randomness. randomness can be inserted into chess but who really cares, may as well play poker, it's more fun. —-inho , the only reason to play a variant is to introduce more people to a chess game, more than 2 people can be MORE fun, or to make the chess game stragically fundamentally about deception, by introducing hidden variables of incomplete information. for whatever reason , this really seems to change the game. however, 'viennese' chess schrondingers chess, the many variations i've seen, do a somewhat boring job of presenting this case.

  8. 9:07 the percentage is the point average for white; 55% means average point is .55, so drawing(0.5) mostly but having more wins(1)

  9. Are u ready for the cannibalized bongcloud opening (Kxe2) :D:D

  10. I would really love knights making any size of "L" movement. Now that would be interesting.

  11. In the self capture variant, your king is always in check

  12. Plottwist: Everyone has to play the bong cloud boring chess solved in an instant.

  13. Danny: has an opinion
    Hikaru's face: cferuiofhwljegrilwtrhu

  14. His about letting pawns more two spaces front/back or left/right?

  15. His about using the point value of the remaining pieces to break a tie?

  16. When you need to tell a good joke that is sure to land – pawn to G7

  17. Bongcloud varient would lead to extreme attacking chess

  18. 2:20 Yeah, scientists understand that one might not want to read 98 pages, that is why there is an abstract, go on, it is one page max, pal…what about being legit?

  19. I would watch a video of you reading this paper.

  20. Just started chess, now chess is dead, must learn the variants

  21. 90% of Hikarus life is chess, so a pawn moving sideways is as ridiculous to him as an apple falling toward the sky. Even though these are just the somewhat random rules of a board game. Very interesting psychology going on there.

  22. Yo, in self-capture, you couldn't premove recapturing a piece, cuz if they didnt capture it your move wouldn't be cancelled, you would still just capture lol

  23. Capturing your own pieces is one I'd like to see competitively.

  24. This guy is so bad at speaking… Anyway it makes sense to have stalemate as win, if we allowed opposing king to move into squares we control and allow us to capture opposing King, then a stalemate is basically forcing the opponent to step into a death trap

  25. Pawn sideways looks like all the pieces are nerfed but that is just compared to the pawns which are obviously more powerful

  26. Stalemate = win just favours white more. I can't believe that he thinks that is a good thing. Less draws, but more white wins seems not good.

  27. I think self capture and pawns moving backwards is pretty cool

  28. special moves sequences create special powers like in Street Fighter 🙂 backward-forward-backward-forward your pawn does a fireball 😀

  29. I’ve always wondered what a self capture game a chess would look like ever since I was a little kid and would sacrifice my own pieces to get out of checkmate 😂

  30. variant proposal: Queen swaps position with any pawn in its' clear line of fire [QP Swap]

  31. off the top of my unrated head, stalemate = win wouldn't do much. Sure, king + pawn is auto win. K+b+N would be easy endgame instead of really hard, etc. But generic middlegames by good players should be the same? I get that intuitively if you get completely trapped and unable to move, it should be a bad thing, not a good thing (i.e. saved from losing position)… but practically? meh.

  32. I think it's true that most new chess players anticipate winning if they can put their opponent into a position where they cant move. Logically, they can't move, but they must move. So they forfeit. Like if a sports team doesn't have enough players to participate, they typically have to forfeit.

  33. Stalemate = black win. Since white has initiative advantage, a stalemate is an improvement on blacks initial position and should count as a win.

  34. But what if, pawns moved diagonally and captured straight?

  35. Hikaru, near the end of the video, when Danny says “should forcing stalemate be a win?” you murmured affirmatively. Do you think that change would improve top-level chess?

  36. Here’s what we do: we allow you to take your own pieces, and make stalemating a win. Doing both together would be amazing.

  37. Imagine being a super GM who's spent a hundred thousand hours studying chess just to watch AlphaZero shoving the pawn to g7 because it feels like it today.

  38. 10:30 mans confused yet again, shoulda brought me on to dumb it down for ol' GMHikaru

    My top 10;
    1. selfcapture
    2. backpawns
    3. normal chess
    4. semi torpedo
    5. sideways pawns
    6. torpedo
    7. no castling
    9. 10move castling
    10. 1 sq pawn

    Id like to see double variants, like selfcap + stalemate win

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