Hikaru’s Mind is Blown by AlphaZero and Chess Variants

Google’s DeepMind team ran AlphaZero on a bunch of chess variants- watch Hikaru as he tries to wrap his 5head around it. Original video here:

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  1. I think it would be interesting in a variation of chess where it has the same rule as shogi, where you can put a captured piece on the board instead of moving.

  2. Implementing stale mate as a win in future variants…
    Kasparov: 0.0

  3. I think it would be fun if they made tie breakers be decided by a game without Castling. The rest I find weird.

  4. the results might be interesting if variants are combined for instance. 1: no castle, 2: self capture, 3: stalemate=win in one variant lol.

  5. 25:21 The only time I have understood something that Hikaru didn't immediately understand in regards to chess

  6. I wonder if Hikaru realizes that a pawn moving sideways is only ridiculous to him because he's used to normal chess. If someone who was learning chess saw him laughing hysterically at a pawn moving sideways, they might assume he is clinically insane.

  7. I know I'm late to the party, but this is something I haven't seen anyone point out yet, so I'll do it myself: at 11:00 you can see that pieces are valued lower in semi-torpedo, torpedo, and pawn-sideways variants. This isn't because those pieces are worse, it's because the pawns are better. The pieces are evaluated by how many pawns they are worth – so naturally, when pawns can do more, the pawns are worth more, and other pieces are worth fewer pawns because of this.

  8. Finally some patch notes in Chess 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Does Hikaru really want to get rid of classical chess?

  10. What if stalemate = win was just for tiebreak matches? Instead of doing armageddon, why not a 15-minute rapid where stalemate = win.

  11. When I learned chess as a kid I remember thinking stalemate being a draw was pure bullshit. But it does give you a reason to keep playing when you are down to just a king.

  12. My vote is no stalemate, allow and require king captures to win. EDIT: Clarification from Doom Maker: "And don't make it illegal for kings to enter enemy piece's line of sight."

  13. A couple of other ideas:

    – If white finishes with just a King, I would make that a victory for black
    – repetition, even once, is a loss for whoever repeated
    – stalemate=win (not my idea of course!)

  14. Can't wait for sideways backwards torpedo variant for that sweet 0.42 knight value and 0.69 bishop value

  15. idiotic changes, all of them. When i play chess a draw is extremely rare result. These draws happen only to pros

  16. Go but every ko fight is a chess match But instead of draws you play a shoji match To see who wins the chess match to see who wins the ko

  17. How about just normal chess but if you play a move that leads to a draw as a result then you lose

  18. What about we add rpg elements to chess? Where if a piece “eats” another, it gains xp and levels up?

    So if a pawn captures a knight, the pawn is awarded a military promotion and becomes a knight itself? Same thing with a pawn eating 3 other pawns.

    It gets crazy if a queen eats a knight, it gains a knights movement. And if the queen eats the other queen, it becomes a God Queen. Capable of moving twice, in one turn.

  19. When you capture a pawn you cast a spell called "End peasant!"

  20. why not mix it up? sideways torpedo incoming

  21. Pawns backwards with sideway pawn would be very coll

  22. no castling being considered while castling was introduced to chess a few hundred years back back because the games were too quick and boring

  23. Chief chess officer has the same expression as Chief Cheese Inspector

  24. 2:53 – Stimulate instead of simulate. Thought this was hilarious.

  25. just asking, who would win in a stalemate if it was a classical chess game like the guy in the video said?

  26. Imagine the value of pawns combining torpedo, pawn-sideways, and pawn-back.

  27. No castling chess is basically the Bongcloud Patch.

  28. Hikaru's brain is still in recovery mode from taking in so many high-level important chess variants.

  29. One thing I don't understand is way stalemates are called as such. it's not like it's a situation were both players can no longer make a move because either would be put in checkmate. It seems to always be one player cant move but the other can. So why shouldn't the player that got stalemated lose?

  30. Chess standard rules. Randomize the 1st 3 moves with the AI

  31. Has anyone played Pacman chess? One player is PAcman and the other is the black chess pieces and Pacman wins by eating all of black pawns and Black wins by taking Pacman with any chess piece. It's so good!

  32. Watching Hikaru belly laugh at weird pawn moves is amazing. XD

  33. a Grandmaster that cannot pronounce 'en passant'

  34. I actually like the capture your own piece idea however it doesn't really make sense. Looking at games like Shogi, they have an interesting mechanic where you can promote a Bishop and Rook to a super Bishop and Rook, (they gain the ability to move like a King in addition to their original movement) so that might work well with the cannibalisation of your own pieces. You could maybe eat another piece to promote your own piece to have bonus powers. Also in Shogi when you capture an enemy piece, you can spend 1 turn to put your opponent's piece back on the board as part of your own army… so what if they had that rule too, but made it so cannibalising your own piece is usually a bad idea, but it ensures that it can never be captured by your opponent? It might make you decide whether to kill your own pieces rather than allow it to become captured. I think there are some interesting variations you can make with Chess, but some of these ideas seem a little boring, like minor changes just for the sake of changes. I think if you're going to make a new chess variant… do something creative with it that adds more strategic options (any alterations will probably also remove other strategic options of traditional chess but then it all comes down to preference and variety.)

  35. What if you alternated what color goes first each move? So the half move order would be W, B, B, W, W, B, B, W W and so on. This should go a long way reducing the advantage of white as they are not up 1 move half the game, instead the move advantage swings back and forth. Also, it should make chess more aggressive because more moves before your opponent can react should favor the aggressor. Though you would probably have to put in a rule disallowing moving the same piece on your consecutive moves as the game would likely descend in to endless hit and run attacks that could not be countered.

  36. idk how he missed b3 at 27:08, since it pins the rook to the king and if queen takes b3, mate.

  37. Don’t change pepperoni for pineapple in his pizza, he’s going to be crazy…

  38. how the f doe a pawn move sideways? next queen does a 2x knight move…? king me

  39. They are comparing to the pawn. So basically the pawn is worth more, the lower the others numbers are.

  40. The weird moves just throw you off so much that it's hilarious xD. I couldn't stop laughing at 29:34. The black pawn is just like "Oops, I liked my previous square better. Lemme go back." and the white pawn also does the same thing. Both the white and black pawns doing their little dances was funny as hell 😂

  41. I agree, the most creative is chess: canibalism, but the most logical is no-tie chess

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