Hikaru vs. Gotham: FOG OF WAR Chess Variant

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GothamChess and @GMHikaru test out the new variants area on chess.com and play some Fog of War, recently played on YouTube also by @eric-rosen. Other variants are 4 Player Chess, Self-Capture, No Castle…

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  1. Gotham: cough* Hikaru: " you see you gave away to much information"

  2. I like the part where Hikaru said that he knew where Levy's pieces were

  3. bruh he looks at your eyes and looks where they are looking to figure out where your moving

  4. 11:33 he has the win then runs away when he could a take the king

  5. you know that when hikaru looks up in the sky something is about to happen

  6. I know exactly where your pieces are… huh? Aah! I now know where they are! Huh?

  7. Hikaru: you gave away too much information
    Me(wiping Cheeto dust off my fingers): what an idiot, I never would've done that 🤣

  8. If a piece is hanging, you only see it disappear. Creepy.

  9. Levy: breathe
    Hikaru: I know exactly where you are now

  10. ah yes, Fog of War with tHUNDER AND MIST AS THE PROTAGONISTS

  11. 1:17 nakamura used to be so happy until his pawn was taken. As though all his joy about chess had vanished

  12. 9:00 "RT-2PM2 «Topol-M» cold-launched three-stage solid-propellant silo-based intercontinental ballistic missile"

  13. You should play fog of war again, would make a good video

  14. Fog of war in chess is actually really interesting however as a avid fire emblem fan fog of war is the bane to my existence

  15. Bro just did bong smoke to make the fog, and yes I know he didn’t do the bong smoke

  16. February 2023 me commenting even before you started saying things like comment from the future

  17. hikaru looks like theres a spider on his ceiling that every 10 seconds he looks at to make sure it hasnt moved

  18. 69420ELO player: moves on move 1
    Hikaru: predicts checkmate on move 52
    Hikaru: nah mate GG

  19. Levy, I'm currently rank #5 in Fog of War Blitz (2288 rating) (user: LongTermFuture), though I'm only 1700 at regular chess. I'd love to play against a streamer/content creator and help them go from FoW beginner (like you are, no offense) to FoW top player with the whole learning process documented. I imagine this would look like playing me in a series of games with me giving feedback and tips on the moves after each game. I think it would only be a few hours for an IM or similar strong regular-chess player to go from FoW beginner to a FoW top player. Would you be interested? If not, do you have any chess content creator connections you might be able to recommend me to who you think might be interested?

  20. fun fact: technically theres no difference between checkmate and capturing the king, because you can't capture the king until it's checkmate

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