Hikaru Nakamura Answers – Gukesh, Nihal Or Pragg, who will reach 2800 first? #shorts #chess

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  1. Who else on a Gukesh binge after candidates 2024?

  2. In Fide swiss tournament in London Fabiano caruana purposely lost against Hikaru Nakamura because Fabiano already qualified for Candidates matches so those qualified for Candidates matches should not be included in Swiss tournament

  3. And guess what …..gukesh won the candidates 😂

  4. Hikaru is a feeling. Love from India to Master NAKAMURA.

  5. "blindfold me, i still have the most vision" this line was made for HIKARU

  6. Hikaru looks like Ryotsu from Kochikame

  7. "Most likely to stream roll me and win a World Championship." – Naka 🤡

  8. When a one mark question is asked for 10 marks

  9. Gukesh is new grandmaster of World 🌎

  10. The only one that evaluated correctly.

  11. Gukesh plays attacking style of chess and wins more than draws compared to the other 2 and has the best chance.

  12. This aged well. Candidates 2024

  13. ……watching the candidates , you were right Hikaru

  14. Man Gukesh is leading the candidates rn damn

  15. Hikaru just predicted the future 🤧

  16. Now, Gukesh will fight for the World Chess Championship. Nice one.

  17. Bro was not wrong. (who here after the Candidates)

  18. Nordibek , Sindarov, (from Uzbe) plus Gukesh, Prag, Erigaise, Nihal…all of them will has a great potential to reach 2800…all very young and high rated

  19. Is Hikaru Ok? It will be ofcourse Pragg no doubt at all 👍🏻

  20. Wow and India reporting on only india achivements. that never happens.

  21. Nihal has the most potential in my opinion

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