Hikaru Nakamura Answers – Gukesh, Nihal Or Pragg, who will reach 2800 first? #shorts #chess

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  1. Did you hear the name Arjun ergaisi😈

  2. I want to be a GM… may be not today but one day

  3. Having Nodirbek from my country is a flex ngl, uzbek sila hehe 😇🇺🇿

  4. The way he answered the question was really nice.

  5. Interviewer asks Magnus the same question.

    Magnus : I don't know any Indian players below 2800 tho

  6. He couldn't say the truth that no one of them

  7. We overhype our players tbh and term them as next world champions like it’s a piece of cake

  8. He basically tried to say 'none' and I think its correct because 2800 is way too high

  9. He said once "not farouzja"
    And he is the only one he did… Lol useless Nakamura

  10. Nodirbek from Uzbekistan . Not from India .

  11. Trust me, Gukesh won't rest till he reaches "The Top"

  12. Translation: Naka doesn't think any of the juniors has what it takes to stay in 2800. I agree with him, it is too soon to tell

  13. 2800 is for people who like to draw the game

  14. This is what i love with GM Nakamura, he always gives his sincere opinion. Very classy!

  15. here after a few months, gukesh is india no 1, 2750 right now, meanwhile pragg arjun dominating aswell

  16. Didn't know he spoke English. I rarely watch chess so forgive me

  17. Pragg at the FIDE WORLD CUP 2023: Hold my Beer mate 🍺 😂

  18. Pragg after winning silver medal in worldcup. Hold my Medal mate….😂

  19. I mean Vishy’s peak rating in 2011 was like 2800.

  20. Random kid from south india with weird name: what is love baby dont hurt dont hurt me

  21. Pragg defeated this guy in 2023 😂😂😂

  22. pragg is great but u guys keep forgeting that gukesh is n°1 indian player atm

  23. Gukesh – Prag – Arjun will lead until new champ enters the arena

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