Hikaru & Gotham: THE DREAM TEAM at 4 Player Chess

It’s been a while, but GothamChess and Hikaru played some 4 Player Chess a few days ago. The results are quite good when we play 4 Player Chess with Hikaru – maybe more fun than Fog of War.

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  1. The Thumbnail as Art: A Treatise on Chess Youtube (2020)

  2. Petition to rename gothamchesss by wonderchess

  3. I wish you would play a few casual rapid games against Hikaru with dual commentary

  4. Bruh bgatti in all games lol hes training be careful

  5. I really appreciate the more color blind friendly colors in 4 player chess now

  6. I can't…. The thumbnail…….
    Wonder Levy……

  7. I dare you to make Hikaru the prettier one in the next thumbnail. I dare you.

  8. I have a t-shirt which exactly looks like yours Levy😂

  9. hikaru: you're a genius!
    20 sec later you're so terrible
    XD I love watching them

  10. The last game was so confusing. Hikaru's screen was at the bottom and he's wearing blue, but his pieces are at the top and are green. While Levi's screen was at the top and he's wearing green, but his pieces are at the bottom and are blue.

  11. Double bongcloud no Y chromosome you won't

  12. So this is the real reason Levy isn't a GM yet. He's going for the world champs title in 4 Player.

  13. saying hi is bad…?!
    Come on, the guy has the privilege to play hikaru.. what's so wrong?
    It can't be worst that letting yourself saying lame stuff like "saturated with awesomeness" .. 😑

  14. Bringing the horse out in FFA to the typical c3 position is a sign of respect and shows your going after the other side

  15. Hikaru's number one fan. Bottom right of screen. Made of metal. Blows cool air on Hikaru.
    Hikaru's number two fan. Top right of screen. 4 player chess enthusiast. Blows hot air on Hikaru.

  16. Is there a lesson on endgames on this channel?

  17. Gotham try playing Warhammer Regicide with hikaru 🙂 chess but with more violence :))

  18. 24:30 is a mate in 2. Hikaru takes blue kings pawn then green moves and red goes for bishop takes bishop. Am i correct?

  19. Hikaru shitting on the dude for playing/enjoying 4 player chess is so ironic.

  20. Can't see the mate at the end! The video blocks are in the way! Cmon Editor, add in a little buffer at the end please! Jeez.

  21. Who aborts a game with hikaru and Levi?…I would be willing to lose any amount of ratings for a game with them

  22. Amazing to watch! Those were some complicated strats

  23. You should do another levy-hikaru vs qiyu-botez rematch.
    Or maybe just the botez sisters on adoption match in 4 players chess

  24. The likeable quill optimally muddle because friday additionly identify forenenst a yummy toilet. outstanding, rare viscose

  25. my four player rating is better than hikarus what

  26. First king who got checkmated is the luckiest king ever, died Surrounded by queens😂

  27. Hikaru: "Someone has nothing better to do with their life"

  28. Are you allowed to talk to each other and coordinate in 4player chess? That seems like an unfair advantage.

  29. You can checkmate easily since it won't be his turn but his other teammate so then yeah

  30. 8:00 this idea of "two players four players chess" reminds me of bridge

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