Hikaru & Gotham: THE DREAM TEAM at 4 Player Chess

It’s been a while, but GothamChess and Hikaru played some 4 Player Chess a few days ago. The results are quite good when we play 4 Player Chess with Hikaru – maybe more fun than Fog of War.

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  1. Me: scrolls through Youtube
    Me: sees this thumbnail
    Me: the thumbnail guy needs a full on raise

  2. This is like power ranger team ups back in the day

  3. More fun when all 4 are streamers

  4. You had a mate at 45:45 if you take rook and Hikaru takes Queen it’s mate

  5. I thought they meant the minecraft dream team lmao

  6. 31:49 With subtitles it says I'm gonna attack his queen next month. Lol

  7. hikaru wearing a blue shirt and his cam is on the blue side and levy is wearing a green shirt and is on green side, but they're playing the opposite colors. am confused

  8. Hikaru "oh man this amusing isn't it levy?" Levy: intensive stare

  9. The rainy frost understandably post because cartoon neurophysiologically arrive by a salty pastry. nice, synonymous waste

  10. Us: haha king was checkmated. The king surrounded by 3 queens: I’m ok with this.

  11. Was playing 4 player chess with my son and went on a pretty good run. It's a little addictive. It's cool to see Hikaru actually being a normal chess player instead of the typical human computer in blitz.

  12. "They've got 2 queens and we've got one, they're more progressive" -famous words during the great gentrification war.

  13. We're just two dudes… A GM and an IM. Just two dudes.

  14. Whoever made this is amazing. Levy this image will remain in circulation for ever! 😛

  15. Green sabotaged his own development as a chess player by aborting that game.

  16. It's kinda easy to win when your opponents arent verbally coordinating

  17. Lmfao
    Gotham: hey look at my ELO. Now what do I do?
    Hikaru: Idk it's up to you.

  18. They blocked one not both knights, he had a good move to force the queen's retreat or suicide

  19. Says the GRANDMASTER lmfao. Nothing better to do with there life lol.

  20. 32:32 is there sodeways en passant? Like blue pawn d10 to stop yellow pawn but then en passant by yellow pawn on c10?

  21. @ 45:50 Wouldn't taking the rook be a checkmate immediately?

    Update: I unpaused the video after thinking about how it isn't mate for 10 minutes because I thought they wouldn't miss mates at that level…

  22. 22:15 He just said 'Hi", oh that's a really bad sign!, How is that a bad sign?

  23. 27:47 blue was about to be in checkmate, if yellow had moved it's queen down to the bishop, there was a dark square bishop in yellow's place guarding the blue's dark square bishop. nice move blue moving the king so you can get it out of there and or block.

    The game against Perfect Defense 2188 half an hour in is GREAT! I really like all the tricky plays and no quick wins. I didn't get to see the final move, because it's all annotations on the screen!

  24. Levy slowly guiding Hikaru through the opening really is just a testament to the endless hours of theory and preparation these guys study. It's interesting watching highly intelligent masters of their crafts learn new adoptions of the game.

  25. Wow, making Hikaru Superman and yourself Wonder Woman in the thumbnail is a major self-roast.

  26. Batman and Robin is dead, now its hikaru and sidekick

  27. Can I be real? This almost doesn't feel like chess it's like how fast can. You attack with queens.

  28. 6:50 How is this check! What prevents green from moving Kn7

  29. Hikaru and Levy being the dream team in four player chess is what I needed to see when they are working together

  30. 24:49 I'm gonna lose my queen, but you can win he's bishop. -Levy
    Wait, it's not a bishop, it was a ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!

  31. 30:57 The bishop is threatening your queen. -Hikaru Nakaruma
    Wait, what?

  32. I would like to
    Play you guys four player or regular chess. A two hour video would be nice.

  33. Can the knight go around corners up 1 across 2? Or dose it have to go 2 straight the 1 across

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