Hikaru Blunders While Playing SpongeBob Chess!

Hikaru doing some Reddit React also checks out Spongebob Chess

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  1. A great observer from India 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I respect GM Hikaru 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. why was he too scared to play the other characters?

  3. Wrong K and Q placement AND wrong board orientation Pog

  4. now IT's good I commented on the last video that it's not good to use his art without paying him now when you say that you payed him than I'm subscribed again it's good

  5. Hy Mr. Hykaru you should give a try at a game called chess evolved online.
    That's an unique version of chess where you can customize your army.

  6. Hikaru: im actually so bad qt chess u guys im so bad sooo soooo bad
    Me sitting there with 1000 elo: 😅

  7. It judges you based on HOW MANY PIECES YOU LOST AHAHAHH

  8. William Fung Golden Oldies Fan of the 50s to 80s says:

    It is so funny that on move 2, the computer made the Botez Gambit! Black went first (1. e5, d3), (2. Qg5, Bxg5)

  9. I'm not even kidding, I was playing SpongeBob chess and Mermaid Man played the delayed Bongcloud against me.

    Edit: I then traded queens and he got mated on f3 by my 4 minor pieces.

    Edit 2: I just got mated by Plankton because I blundered about 7 times.

    Edit 3: that same Plankton just tried to scholar's mate me. The disrespect.

    Edit 4: I finally beat Plankton. A little help from Stockfish may have been utilised but other than that it was a fair game.

  10. “So, what type of chess do you play?”
    “It’s complicated”

  11. he should play Software Toolworks – Star Wars Chess – 1993, I grew up with that shit and I want him to suffer the way I did by how slowly the pieces move

  12. I would love to see Hikaru play the Mermaid Gambit

  13. "Take the enemy King" lol… NO one has ever actually taken a King in the entire history of chess.

  14. "Magnus Carsen" doesn't sit well with me now..

  15. petition to make all further pogchamps tournaments spongebob chess

  16. I wanna watch Hikaru play more Spongebob chess so bad

  17. There is a person out there who's first introduction to chess was this game

  18. The king and queen being wrong is actually so infuriating

  19. The issue w/ the sponge-bob game wasn't that the queens were on the wrong squares. They are in the correct orientation but the boards colors are inverted, the white square should be on the bottom right.

  20. When you're a GM and miss mate in 1 with knight to f2

  21. Sometimes I see ads for cartoon chess on facebook and I wonder if actually good people play or if I would just smoke everyone lol.

  22. the square colors being reversed hurts my head

  23. dude idc about the reddit stuff more spongebob chess pls

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